Jazz Up Your Balls with a Close Trim

Jazz Up Your Balls with a Close Trim - BALLS

Although our crown jewels are prized, that doesn’t mean you have to let them get overgrown with hair. There are better ways to trim your nether regions than taking a blade to them.

Manscaping is more popular these days than ever before, with guys choosing to keep trim for several reasons:

  • To attract partners who love smooth balls
  • To find it more comfortable to workout
  • Less risk of pubic lice
  • A cleaner feeling
  • Feeling more confident and attractive

The issue is a lot of guys don’t know there are alternatives to the conventional razor which, let’s face it, can pose danger if used around your delicate man-bits which are saggy, soft and not the easiest things to shave.

Instead of a razor, think about adding a hair trimmer to your grooming routine so you can have scratch-free, smooth balls all the time. Try the ultimate kit which will keep you feeling and smelling smooth all day long.

Although tough, masculine guys might attract the ladies, scarred, cut balls aren’t so likely to. 

Once you learn that 67.2% of grooming injuries are related to the groin region, you’ll probably want to ditch the razor and invest in something which not only offers a close shave or trim, but which you can’t injure yourself with.

The skin down there is delicate and thin, which means the risk of injury can be high. However, if you invest in a BALLS Trimmer, you can convert basic balls into bold ones.

Prep the Boys Before You Begin

So what’s the best way to prepare for hair removal? We suggest the following steps:

  1. First, stand with one foot resting on a stable surface, such as the side of your bathtub or a sturdy chair.
  2. Pull the skin taut with one hand while trimming the hair using a BALLS Trimmer or a pair of scissors. If you want, you can fit either the ¾mm or the 5/6mm trimming guard, so you can choose your preferred grooming length. You’ll want to shorten the hair as much as you can without the trimmer or scissors coming into contact with the skin.
  3. Now you can take a warm shower or bath. The water will help get those pores opened up nicely, making hair removal easier. It also helps to soften any remaining stubble. Your balls will relax and hang loose, making it easier to get them in the right position for trimming. The key is having warm water. Cold water will shrivel your balls up, making them harder to trim, while hot water might be irritating on the skin.
  4. Next, you’ll want to use a gentle shaving cream, gel or similar. Have you used a beard trimmer before? If so, you’ll know a gentle shaving product with soothing ingredients can make the process easier, since shaving cream means the blade will glide smoothly and without friction over the skin.

Time to Trim

When planning to groom your downstairs region, there’s a reason you don’t just want to use random trimmers or a razor. You don’t want to have to bring an extension cable into the bathroom so you can plug it in and shave, trying to keep the cord out of the way as you do so.

A modern body groomer, like the BALLS Trimmer, is cordless and lightweight. Operating on battery power, you can trim your balls several times on just one charge. 

One charge gives you a whole hour, which should be enough even if you’ve been growing out those pubes for months. You only need a USB charger and your trimmer will soon be all ready to use.

Did you know the BALLS Trimmer is completely waterproof? That’s right, you can even use it in the shower without risking electrocution! 

Something else you’ll love is you can replace the interchangeable heads whenever you want to clean them out. Maybe you want to use a different blade on your bum (yes you can shave that too!) and another on whichever other body part you want to trim.

The stainless steel blades with SackSafe technology repel oil and dirt, as well as making the device easy to use. That means you don’t have to worry about irritation because there shouldn’t be any at all.

Now for the Shaving Part

Now you’ve prepped and deforested, you can get to the actual shaving. So get into a warm shower with your BALLS Trimmer and start:

  1. Prop one of your legs up so you have access to the whole area of your balls. 
  2. Pull the skin taut using one hand and use the other to shave in the same direction your hair grows.
  3. Apply gentle pressure only and use slow strokes as you go - there’s no need to rush!
  4. Once you’re done, rinse your balls well and pat them dry with a clean towel.
  5. Don’t forget to clean up any mess and pick those pubes out of the plughole.

There are different ways to shave the lads, so why not have fun and get creative with your trimmer? There are plenty of pubic hairstyles to choose from and the sky’s the limit to your manscaping creativity!

Some guys like to be super-smooth while others prefer a trim. Some only want to keep things clean down there while others like to experiment with trimming guards or comb attachments. There’s no right or wrong way to wear your pubic hair, so have fun experimenting with different looks!