Is the BALLS Trimmer Suitable for Women Too?

Is the BALLS Trimmer Suitable for Women Too? - BALLS
85% prefer a groomed partner

Men seem to spend an inordinate amount of time grooming themselves. Not only do they compare and obsess about their ‘meat and two veg’ but they place such an emphasis on their crown jewels and want to fiddle with them and groom them to perfection. 

Some guys take huge pride in what they have downstairs, grooming themselves to perfection, a process that’s much easier these days with gadgets such as the BALLS Trimmer which have been specially created with this part of the body in mind.

On the other end of the scale you have the more Neanderthal types of blokes who don’t shave or even trim because they think that’s what being an alpha male is all about. 

Of course, many guys fall halfway between these two extremes. They might trim occasionally but never shave, wax or do anything else to either cut their pubes really short or remove them altogether. Since it’s just down to personal preference, each guy is free to pick how he wants to care for his pubic hair.

But what about the ladies? It’s still largely a patriarchal society, even though we’ve come quite a way with equality and women’s rights in recent years. However, issues like the gender pay gap, lack of pockets and the pink tax seem pretty unfair to the fairer sex, but let’s talk about pubes. After all, everyone grows them regardless of gender.

So Many Different Trimmers

Again, there are many more products for male grooming than for the girls. The guys have beard trimmers, nose hair trimmers, head-shaving trimmers, and more. Women tend to have a razor with a pink handle or something a little fancier. Women don’t have as much hair as the guys and most of them don’t have beards, excessive nose hair or ear hair, or want to shave their backs or heads. But they should still be able to get a beautiful, smooth shave just like their male counterparts.

That’s where the BALLS trimmer comes in. Not only can this trimmer handle the most sensitive, delicate parts of a male’s anatomy, but it’s versatile enough to work on any part of a woman’s body too. 

There aren’t many women’s trimmers on the market but, after some testing, it’s revealed the BALLS Trimmer works just as well on them as on the guys. After all, why wouldn’t it?

If men can shave his bits quickly and efficiently, so can women. A trimmer is both quicker and easier than a razor, not to mention safer. Rather than running a razor over the groin again and again until every last hair has been shaved, the blade becoming ever duller, the hair can be removed with a trimmer, and there’s no risk of cuts or nicks either!

Other Women’s Hair Removal Options

your balls routine in a box

The other options aren’t very appealing. After all, who wants to spend hundreds of pounds on waxing, not to mention the pain! And then you have sugaring which isn’t exactly comfortable either. 

Hair removal cream smells unpleasant and you don’t want to get that in your nooks and crannies since it can burn! Let’s not forget epilators, which work like lots of mini tweezers yanking each hair out by the roots. You could use those on your lady parts but only if you have a very high pain threshold!

Using a BALLS Trimmer for Women

Now just because it’s called a BALLS Trimmer that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing this nifty gadget will tackle. In fact, talking of tackle, it isn’t just for male private parts. Women can use the trimmer before taking a shower since it will get rid of 80% of the hair. After that, it’s pretty easy to just shave off the remainder in the shower.

This means less shaving cream and hot water usage as well as razors which last longer. Women can also use the trimmer on their armpits and legs. If the trimmer will effortlessly remove the coarse hair many men have, it’s going to be just as good on women’s hair which is often much finer.

A study carried out in Utah revealed that 9 out of 10 women were amazed how well the BALLS Trimmer eliminated all their unwanted hair. A lot even said they were surprised they hadn’t had the idea of using an electric trimmer before.

Why not try the trimmer for yourself? If you don’t get along with it for any reason you can simply return it and you’ll get all your money back. You can either use your man’s trimmer or treat yourself to one. The BALLS subscription programme sends new, sharp blades out every few months and you can pick how often you want fresh ones.

85% prefer a groomed partner

So yes, women find the BALLS Trimmer every bit as life-changing as men!