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The Classic Trimmer
Prince Yamba



Gute Kundenservice

Sie haben mir viel bei der Bestellung und der Lieferung geholfen. Sehr professionelle Mitarbeiter.

The Classic Trimmer
bruno andrieu
Efficacité géniale

Vraiment Performante !👍

Géniale !

La tondeuse est géniale, j'en suis ravi !

The Archibald Trimmer
Curtis Orsini

Great and good shaver for pubic hair and everywhere for all body 👌👌👌🫡

Well packaged new blade

I'm glad I made the decision to renew the blade ( every 6 months ) even though there is little sign of aging on the original blade. The new blade is quieter, so there must have been some wear on the old blade even though it couldn't be seen.
I'll keep the old blade for now though, just in case I need it....

Erwartungen übertroffen

das Ding ist top, total sanft, leise, wertiges Material, damit kann man sich wirklich nicht schneiden. Die Beleuchtung finde ich auch nett, auch wenn die kein Kaufargument war. Bester Shaver den ich je hatte, kann ich jetzt schon sagen.

The charger arrived quickly and was exactly as advertised.

The Classic Trimmer
Ralf Wiegelmann

Ein perfektes Gerät in der Handhabung

Very effective

Nicely packaged

Good delivery time, well/nicely packaged, although there could be less 'pretty' wrapping so that it is greener!

if body was more solid

if body was more solid & rubber grip will be helpful

Awesome service

Ide like to say a massive thank you .to the great BALLS TEAM..
I ordered a new charger lead has mine broke (my carelessness). I ordered the wrong lead. It was sent to me .on receipt of the lead I made the discovery.i contacted the team a. s.a.p
Once the lead I need was back in stop it was straight out to me
Now once again I have very very happy BALLS 😁😁😁😁

Quality Design

Paid a bit more to get The Archibald and very pleased with the purchase. Nicely weighted and the LED Guide Light is extremely helpful when shaving in the most sensitive areas.

No nicks or cuts - even without comb on the device - so very happy onthe basis of first use.

Excellent product

Balls blades

Awesome product

The Archibald Trimmer
George Souris
I Love balls

I bought the archibald trimmer this is my second time buying from balls and i have only good comments to say.Fast replies to my questions very professional and friendly and helpful!barbara thank you balls thank you 🙏

Exactly as advertised

No hair pulling, no cuts.

New V1 blades

I have had the V1 trimmer for a couple of years now and signed up for the replacement blade program back then, Balls have never missed sending me the new blade every 3 Months like clockwork, GREAT SERVICE, thanks.

Great trim, without the nicks!!

Great trim, without the nicks!! Would recommend.

Nice product

Works great as expected

The Archibald Trimmer
Nathan Crepet

Very nice customer service, efficient and fast

Lame de rechange

La lame de rechange est vraiment très utile, je n'avais pas changé de lame depuis plus d'un an et après l'avoir changer je remarque vraiment la différence concernant le rasage.
Je recommande le changement régulier, cependant il faut faire attention à ne pas se couper avec cette nouvelle lame bien éguisée.


Super pleased. Best designed shaver I've ever seen. It fits my hand beautifully, it works perfectly out of the box. I hope you'll get a base that charges but that's not really a big deal. Thumbs up!