Shaving Your Balls with No Nicks or Cuts

Shaving Your Balls with No Nicks or Cuts - BALLS

There are plenty of guys around who don’t shave or even trim their balls, possibly down to unpleasant childhood memories of playing with dad’s disposable razor. 

Perhaps you tried shaving with a safety reason and cut yourself. If so, you’ll still remember the way your bollocks felt like they were on fire for days after the traumatic incident.

Or maybe you just never thought of shaving your balls before and you’re curious whether it’s safe and what tool you should use for the job. After all, there are plenty of horror stories around about guys who experimented and ended up with patchy results and bleeding balls.

Now, shaving isn’t the only way to get your balls groomed, but other methods like laser hair removal, waxing or depilatory creams can be dangerous, bad for your balls or painful. 

So, being able to trim and shave your balls safely seems like your best bet for perfect manscaping. Read on to discover the right way to shave down below.

Science Agrees Trimming is Best

If you have a good idea how much hair you want (or don’t want) on your balls, you should find an electric ball trimmer useful. 

They give you control so you can achieve whatever style and length you have in mind. You can even get arty when using a good pubic hair trimmer and come up with your own fun designs!

Pubic hair offers some protection against microorganisms and bacteria, and trimming the hair down keeps your balls tidy while still offering the same protection.

Also, according to research, most ladies prefer a bush which is neatly trimmed, rather than completely shaved balls.

A ball trimmer is your best option for grooming your privates but it’s important to choose the best one for the job.

Best Trimmer for the Hair Down There

Can’t you just use your beard trimmer on your balls, you might be wondering? The short answer is no. A beard trimmer isn’t the same as a ball trimmer and won’t function the same on both parts of the body.

The problem is manscaping is so popular these days, there are literally hundreds of different trimmers to choose from and it can be confusing knowing which to go for.

There have been technological advances lately, such as SackSafe blades, which will glide smoothly, cutting through even the coarsest pubes, without any cuts, nicks or snagging. 

Most trimmers are quite small so they can be used on various nooks and crannies and contours, but this isn’t the only feature you should look for. You should also take the following into account when shopping for your new best friend in the bathroom:

Powerful Motor

This helps avoid pulling on the skin or bunching, which is good because those can lead to nicks. Pubes are coarser and long ones can even be matted, so a powerful balls trimmer is a must-have.

Sharp, High Quality Blades

Sharp blades can prevent pinching, burns, ingrown hairs, and bumps. Ceramic blades stay cool and cut quicker. They also remain sharp for longer than metal ones. Stainless steel blades cost less and are easier to maintain. 

A balls trimmer that has rotary self-sharpening blades is going to last longer between blade replacements.


A waterproof trimmer allows for a wet shave and you can use any kind of shaving cream with it. Skin and hair that’s been in warm water (in a shower or bath) is easier to shave. Make sure the trimmer you’re looking at is fully waterproof, so it’s safe to take into the shower with you.

Cordless or Corded

A cordless trimmer is probably the most convenient, but you should choose one that has a long battery life. Corded ones can be more powerful and obviously you don’t have to recharge them.

A cordless balls trimmer also needs a decent voltage (power) as well as battery life. If the battery life isn’t so good, you’ll want a reasonable time period for full charging.

Guards and Attachments

Which guards come with the unit you’re looking at? Guards are handy because you can use them to trim your pubes into various styles and lengths. A detail trimmer, pivoting head, nose trimmer, and comb attachments are included with some trimmers.

Extra Features

A good trimmer will allow for simple blade replacements with a snap-on system. Some trimmers have anti-nicking features, such as the BALLS Trimmer which has a carefully designed glide coating to prevent nicks and cuts.

How to Trim and Shave Down Below

You are going to need these items:

  • Mirror
  • Antiseptic spray
  • Shaving products
  • Disposable or safety razor with new blade
  • Electric body hair trimmer

Follow these steps to ensure you end up looking perfectly groomed and feeling great:


1. The Prep Work

It’s easier to shave the scrotum when the hair is soft and they’re hanging loosely. A warm shower is perhaps the best place for shaving and you can also relax beforehand.

The warm water will help untangle any matted pubes and soften them, as well as opening your pores. Also, the scrotal folds stretch out, reducing the risk of nicking or pinching the skin. You should also bring a mirror into the shower so you can see every angle and make sure you’re getting the shave you have in mind.


2. Trimming

Crop the thick area of hair which is above the shaft. It’s best to do this over the toilet instead of in the shower so you don’t clog up the drain. Use scissors, an electric razor or a body trimmer.

After that, it’s time to tackle trimming the perineum, which is the area between the balls and anus. It’s especially sensitive down there, so don’t use a mini foil or rotary shaver, since these can cut the skin.

Use the ‘hover method’ to trim. That means the blade doesn’t touch your skin. Hold the blade 1cm over the skin and then just skim over it, allowing the blades to trim the hair. 

If done correctly, this way of trimming is virtually nick-proof! Use this method for trimming long hairs around the shaft and on the scrotum too.


3. Wash the Area Again

Either soak or wash your balls again using warm water. This gets them loose and stretched in preparation for the actual shaving. Oh, and you might want to tackle nose and ear hair at this point too.


4. Make a Lather

Now it’s time to apply shave oil, shaving cream or butter. The best option is something translucent so you can see exactly where the blade is going.


5. Shave

Pull the skin around your testicles taut and then glide the razor along. Don’t press down. Use short, slow strokes and keep the angle. If you miss some hair, go over it again, going against the grain for the smoothest result or with the grain if you’re new to shaving your balls and want to get used to the technique first.

When you shave the shaft, pull to the side then shave towards your body. Keep rinsing the razor off under running water so it doesn’t get clogged up with hair.

Now splash cold water over the shaved area to close the pores back up, and pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Apply post-shaving BALLS lotion so you don’t get ball skin irritation.

If you’re having a clean shave rather than a trim, you might prefer a post-shave powder instead of a balm to help prevent irritation and friction. Use hypoallergenic products if your skin is sensitive. Touch the area up weekly to keep it neat and apply post-shave powder every day.

Top-Rated Ball Trimmer

Although the thought of having a powerful trimmer with blades that rotate at 6,000 RPM right next to your balls might not sound reassuring, you’ll be convinced once you try it out for yourself. 

The BALLS Trimmer with SackSafe technology is safe, easy to use and means you won’t have to worry about nicks in your danglies ever again!