Ball Trimming: How to Shave Your Testicles Without Hurting Yourself

Ball Trimming: How to Shave Your Testicles Without Hurting Yourself - BALLS

How can you shave your testicles without any cuts, nicks, or snags?

Basically, it's simple: don't be in a hurry, use good equipment, use electric trimmers, avoid wax and depilatory cream, take a hot shower, remove the stubble, use shaving oil, stretch the skin, be gentle, rinse with cold water, and apply after-shave cream...

In the following article, BALLS™, your testicles partner, gives you his advice!

So don't worry:

It's going to be fine...

Do you care about your balls, baby?

So you know you have to take it easy when it comes to taking care of them to give them that youthful, chubby look that girls (and gay men) like so much.

All this without having to howl at the moon during the operation, in Loup Garou victim mode!

Many men want to get rid of their ball hairs, but are reluctant to take the first step, as the testicles are a very sensitive area (both physically and emotionally).

Every year, however, a new contingent of virile men with sensitive skin, conscious of the importance of their aesthetics (as well as their hygiene), adopt the credo of ball shaving.

Let's see how to shave your life clocks painlessly, while respecting their soft skin...

4 ways to shave your testicles without hurting yourself

As you know, the skin around your joys is extra thin, and super delicate. You should therefore be very careful when working to make it clean and smooth.

To avoid cuts (bleeding and other disabling injuries) and skin problems, we advise you to use one of the following 4 methods...

1) Shaving with an electric razor, trimmer, epilator or wet shaver

The most popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair around the testicles is to use a trimmer. Whether it is mechanical or electric, or whether it takes the more particular form of a hair trimmer or epilator.

The problem is that with this type of machine, if it is not designed for it, a cut can happen quickly! You will therefore have to be very careful when applying the blade to the sensitive skin of your balls, and go slowly, in moderato mode.

The best way to do this is to use a special electric razor, also known as an electric trimmer:

Specially designed to protect your family jewels from the onslaught of cutting, it is much less aggressive to the skin of the testicles than ordinary electric trimmers (and even less so than mechanical razors).

Be aware, however, that the task may require more effort with an electric trimmer than with a mechanical one, as unwanted hair tends to get tangled in the shaver head:

To avoid any accidents, you should ABSOLUTELY take it easy and focus on the task at hand -so to speak!

As the Spanish say:

"Dress me slowly because I am in a hurry!"

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2) Cutting with scissors

For men, a less aggressive method of balls trimming is to use scissors.

This allows you to control the amount of pubic hair removed, if for example you are not a fan of the zero ball and prefer the "short hair" cut:

By cutting a small amount of hair at a time, you can adjust the shape and final amount of hair without making mistakes.

Another advantage is that since the blades of the scissors do not touch the skin, skin irritations and burns can be avoided (to your great satisfaction).

However, you should be aware that after being cut with scissors, the hairs on your peanuts are prickly at the end, which can be uncomfortable in certain positions.

Another disadvantage:

This method of cutting hair does not treat it at the root, so it grows back quickly: Regrowth means that the work has to be repeated regularly.

3) Depilatory waxes or creams: use only specialised balls

It is common practice to use depilatory waxes or creams to smooth ball hairs so that they can be removed more easily.

But since these waxes and creams are applied directly to the skin to dissolve unwanted hair, care must be taken to choose products that are suitable for the testicular area:

This is because it has the delicate characteristic of being lined with a thin and very sensitive skin.

On the other hand, failure to follow the instructions for use increases the risk of pain and skin problems (itching, etc.).


If you prefer to use a cream or depilatory wax to shave your testicles, choose products specially designed to treat this hypersensitive area of your being...

4) Hair removal tape (avoid)

The hair removal strip allows you to remove hair in small areas, with a single sharp blow: SCRATCH!

However, the undeniable disadvantage of using it in the target nuts is that it causes intense pain when the hairs are pulled out.

As well as the tendency of the said hairs to sink into the skin in reaction to the outrage.

In addition, there is a possibility of bacteria entering the pores of the skin, which have been forcibly enlarged during the operation.

This leads to skin irritations such as redness and eczema.

We therefore advise you to avoid the use of hair removal strips when shaving your testicular hair, if you prefer to preserve the integrity and natural beauty of your pendulous trophies. 

7 tips for shaving your testicles without hurting yourself

1) Hot shower

The preparation of the scrotal skin is a crucial point in the achievement of a painless shave:

As with shaving the face (moustache or beards), the skin to be shaved should be warmed with water to relax it as much as possible.

Doing this in the hot shower will also, in addition to the moisturising effect, have several beneficial effects on your tanks for life:

- Make the shaving area clean (rid it of impurities)

- Stimulate blood flow (provide more firmness under the blade)

- Make your scrotum looser and more flexible (more able to receive shaving)

- Open the pores containing the hair roots well

2) Clearing brush

Hair that is too long has the unfortunate habit of getting stuck in the razor head and blocking it while you are grooming (especially pubic hair).

It is, therefore, necessary to rough up the bush.

The best way to do this is to use a 2mm electric trimmer blade.

This can also be done manually with scissors.

3) Shaving oil

Preferable to shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving foam, shaving oil, with its moisturizing action, facilitates shaving by gently preparing your scrotal skin, as well as your hair.

You can apply it directly by hand or with a shaving brush, and you are assured of a close shave.

This is particularly suitable for people with dry skin.

Another advantage:

Shaving oils are often enriched with essential oils, vitamins, or beneficial substances such as aloe vera.

4) Tighten the skin (not the cheek)

The enemy of a close shave is the crease. The crease.

To ensure a successful and painless ball shave, it is important to know how to stretch the skin of the bursa before shaving.

Thanks to this clever practice, it has become smooth and wrinkle-free, and is as effective as possible in withstanding the razor's onslaught.

5) "Que va piano va sano"

A testicle is a bit like a woman: it hates to be rushed.

So don't hesitate to do a mini meditation session before you shave your testicles, in order to calm and relax your confused mind, and bring some zen inside you.

You will then have the qualities of calmness, attention, and gentleness necessary for the successful completion of a painless nut cutting.

6) Rinsing with cold water

You should absolutely avoid rinsing your bare, smooth parts with hot water after you shave your testicles.

On the contrary, it is advisable to "attack" them now (after the gentle shearing) with a good rinse in cold or even ice water.

This will have two main effects:

- Give your balls an invigorating boost that will bring them back to life and calm their burning sensation

- Close the pores of their skin to prevent ingrown hairs

7) Moisturising with after-shave care

Just like the skin on your beautiful face or your cute armpits, the skin on your Holy Nuts benefits greatly from the application of aftershave.

A moisturising lotion will refresh and soothe the skin, reducing irritation and making it easier for the skin to return to normal.

You can even add a shaving balm or gel to complete the picture.

All of this will help calm the razor burn, leaving the skin well moisturised.

Alum stone can also be used.

That's it!

Having gone through the 4 different methods and the 7 tips to get rid of your ball hairs without getting a boo-boo, we have come to the end of the "shaving the Precious Testicles" subject (to which Molière would have been well inspired to dedicate a work)... 

Gentle testicle shaving

The pubic hair is located in the most delicate area of your precious person.

This unique and almost unexplored area, covered in hair, where the skin is extremely sensitive and prone to pain.

Attempting to shave your testicles without taking the necessary precautions can damage the skin in this strategic area and cause bleeding.

So if you're going to take action, Smooth Ball Companion, don't forget our valuable advice, and use the right equipment, like this specially developed clipper for secure shaving, and this shaving oil that will make your balls smooth as butter.

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