Couple of the Year

Our top-quality ceramic blades and SackSafe guard are a match made in heaven. Easy-to-use and pre-installed, with adjustable lengths, this pairing is intuitive right out of the box. The safest, the simplest, and yet somehow the best tool for the job — it’s magic.

Plus, our optional easy-to-use blade subscription gets you the perfect blades right when you need them. (We recommend every three months, but you’re the boss.)

Are We Best Friends?

Any idiot can build a balls trimmer, but it takes a special type of idiot to call it BALLS. That’s us, though: our fans love us because we care about their balls so much, we named ourselves after them.

So, if you’re ever unhappy with your purchase or just have questions before you make one, reach out to A quick gander at our reviews will make it clear how committed we are to making things right.