How to Shave Pubic Hair for Men in 6 SackSafe Steps

How to Shave Pubic Hair for Men in 6 SackSafe Steps - BALLS

What's the best way to shave pubic hair? Many adult men have asked themselves this very question. 

Pubic hair is a natural part of the human body, and some people like it, and others don’t.

To shave or not to shave? We’ll say yes, totally. It keeps the balls looking clean and nice, plus it feels good.

However, it’s a personal preference and a private decision. Furthermore, it’s not something that many guys talk about, so here are some things you need to know before taking the plunge. 

How often should you shave your pubic hair? Usually, every few days or once a week depending on:

  • How fast your pubes grow
  • Your skin type—dry, normal, or sensitive
  • Whether you want it completely shaved off or not

We’ll give you some tips on how to shave pubic hair and what products you should use. We’ll also cover alternatives to shaving and talk about whether or not laser removal is an option for those who really don't want their pubic hair any more. 

What Tools Do You Need For Shaving?

You might think all you need is a razor. Wrong! Shaving safely is a process. Given how sensitive the skin is around the groin area, you have to use the right tools to prevent razor burn and irritation.

Shaving tools include: 

  • A fine-tooth comb - to lift the hair so you can see where you’re shaving
  • Exfoliating soap - to clean shaving area and prevent ingrowns
  • Electric trimmer - to trim and shave
  • Shaving oil - this will help the trimmer to glide easily
  • SackSafe blade - to allow for a nick and cut free shave
  • Aftershave - soothes the area after the shave
  • Moisturiser - keeps the area soft and supple
  • Disinfectant

Learn these 6 steps for trouble-free shaving.

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6-Step Process To Shave Pubic Hair

Step #1. Trimming

If it’s your first time shaving or you haven't shaved for a while, you need to first take care of that bush by trimming.

So get a fine-tooth comb, disinfect it and give your hair a little brush. If your hair isn’t as long or you’ve shaved recently, go ahead and skip this step.

Now, use the comb to guide you on just how much hair to trim off. Next, get out your electric trimmer and work ever so gently—you want to take good care of your boys.

If you don’t have a trimmer, use a pair of scissors and a fine-tooth comb. Use the comb to guide you on how much hair to remove by running the scissors above it.

Here’s why you should trim before shaving:

  • Get rid of excess body hair
  • Avoid clogging your blade in the shaving process 
  • Prevent hair pulling and reduce irritation
  • Reduce the risk of getting nicks and cuts while shaving

If you like to keep a bit of hair on your boys, trimming is as far as it goes. But if you’re a smooth shave kind of guy, there’s still more to do.

Step #2. Take a Shower

Beatrix Pemberton’s Knacker Wash Exfoliating Bar

Taking a shower is not just to clean your body but to soften the hair in preparation for shaving. Unlike facial hair, pubic hair tends to be coiled, and yes, you can get knots, too. So if you want to shave pubic hair, it is best to prep beforehand.

In addition, wet hair will help the blade glide effortlessly over your skin. If you’re taking a bath, don’t soak in the tub for more than 10 minutes. Your skin could puff, making it difficult to shave.

We recommend using an exfoliating soap, such as Beatrix Pemberton’s Knacker Wash Exfoliating Bar to clean the area you want to trim. The natural exfoliating particles in the soap would also prevent ingrown hairs and smooth the skin around the testicles for the safest trimming experience.

The perfect place to shave your balls is right there in the shower. The warm water has already prepared your hair and skin, and rinsing off is even easier as you’re already in place.

Step #3. Apply Shaving Cream or Gel

It's time to lather up with cream. If you’re using gel, make sure it’s specifically meant for body hair.

If you have ever shaved without cream, then you know how a dry shave can feel rough and take longer than a wet shave. 

Apply a generous amount and massage it onto your pubic area for about two minutes. The purpose of this is to lubricate, and protect your skin, further soften the hair and enhance razor glide while shaving.

Alternatively, you can use an applicator brush to get the shaving cream in. 

Allow the cream/gel to sit on your skin for a while to work. Once the hair is soft, you can start shaving.

Step #4. Shaving Technique

Now that your skin and hair are nice and soft and you’ve applied the cream, it’s time to get out the electric trimmer.

Use a portable mirror; take a good look at the area to determine where and how much hair you want to shave. Then, position yourself in the shower, so your head and body don’t cast a shadow over your work area. If you are using the Archibald Full Body Trimmer, you can use the LED guide light to make your life easier.

Take your time; there’s no need to rush. The best advice is to shave with the grain, not against it. Shave a small area, inspect the job, and apply more cream if you need to shave it again.

Once you’re all nice and smooth, it’s time to rinse and perform the aftershave process.

Man trimming his chest with the Black Archibald Trimmer

Step #5. Rinsing

Once you’re done shaving, do a quick rinse to eliminate any stray hairs caught up in the gel/cream. Use warm, clean running water to rinse off your entire pubic area, then splash a bit of cool water for a soothing feel.

To finish off, pat dry with a clean, soft towel. The groin is a sensitive area and should always be handled gently.

Now is the time for some self-examination. With a clean surface, it’s easier to notice abnormalities such as lumps. 

If you do happen to find an abnormality, first of all, don’t panic. Go ahead and make an appointment with a physician and get it checked.

Step #6. Post-Shaving Care

Oliver’s Everywhere Oil

Post-shave care is vital—this is the time to cleanse and moisturize. Wondering why you’re constantly scratching your balls? It’s because you don’t moisturize.

Use a moisturizer that not only rehydrates the skin but also deodorizes, too. After all, you want clean, fresh, odor-free balls all day, right?

Alternatively, you can use a hair oil as an aftershave such as Oliver’s Everywhere Oil. A carefully concocted blend of natural oils, Oliver’s Everywhere Oil creates a lasting moisture shield for all-day protection from odorousness and chafing.

When you’re done, you should feel the smoothness.

Tips For The Perfect Shave

If you want to shave pubic hair, you will need some flexibility. 

First, you’ll need to consider if you want a wet or a dry shave. While dry shaves are faster and can get a partial job done for the busy guy—maybe he’s late for a date—wet shaves result in a much closer and more luxurious result. 

Using a razor requires extra care and effort and can result in nicks and cuts. On the other hand, an electric shaver gets the job done faster, cleaner, and with little to no chance of accidents.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure the best shave:

  • Use a quality electric trimmer designed especially for the pubic area
  • Make sure the blades in the shaver are lubricated
  • Take your time, and don’t rush it
  • Work on your technique every time; you’ll be an expert in no time

How to Handle Rashes, Bumps, and Ingrown Hairs

The sight of rashes and bumps and ingrown hairs on your pubic area is one we all hate—not to mention how uncomfortable it can be. Common causes include:

  • Using a dull blade
  • Blocked hair follicles that also can cause folliculitis
  • Shaving in the opposite direction which hair grows
  • Not moisturizing after shaving

At-home remedies for rashes, and bumps, and ingrown hairs are simple.

Soak in a warm tub for 5-10 minutes at least once daily, or apply warm compresses on the area using a towel dipped in warm water. Then, pull out the hair with a pair of tweezers, pat the area dry, and reapply your aftershave.

If you develop a severe rash, bleeding sores, or oozing, contact a doctor immediately. They might recommend OTC topical treatments like hydrocortisone cream.

Stop shaving until the area is completely healed.

To avoid the occurrence of bumps and ingrown hairs, always use an electric ball trimmer instead of a razor.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods

Shaving is the most common technique for guys who manscape. It’s certainly the most cost-effective and straightforward method. There are alternatives if you’d like to give them a try; however, they all have their drawbacks:

Hair Removal Method




Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a technique that passes an intense beam of light over the skin surface to kill the hair follicles.

Removes hair permanently

No more razor burns, bumps, nicks, or cuts.



You may need 2-3 treatments to rid hair permanently 


Waxing is performed by applying molten wax to the skin, then ripping it off quickly, pulling it out from the hair root. 

Leaves you hairless for a few weeks

New hairs grow thinner

No stubble

No cuts and nicks

Painful! Waxing is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s time-consuming

Temporary redness

Using hair removal cream

Much like shaving, but without the blade. Apply the cream on your body hair, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then wipe off with a towel.

Quick and easy


No cuts and nicks

Hair grows back in  a matter of days

May cause skin irritation on some skin types

Go Ahead and Get Trimming

Manscaping should be a regular habit. It not only keeps you clean—it’s a great way to monitor your reproductive health. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Using the right equipment and taking pre and post-care of your pubic area will keep you and your balls hair-free and feeling silky-smooth.

We hope you found this article helpful as a manscaping guide. Personal grooming is your responsibility and has many benefits as you’ve discovered, don’t be shy to ask questions or start conversations about it. For further reading, check out our guide on How to Groom.

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