Nose Hair: Love It or Leave It, What If You Want To Groom It?

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Everyone has nose hair, but just because the human body grows it doesn’t mean you have to keep it looking ‘au natural’ and have it poking out of your nostrils where it’s on display for everyone to see.

Nose hair works as one of the body’s defence systems and keeps out debris. It also helps to filter the moisture in the air when we breathe. 

Now blood vessels found in the face and nose are pretty dense, which means they support the growth of hair. Women might be lucky enough to have much less noticeable nose hair but men often want to trim theirs down a bit.

For aesthetic or cultural reasons, many guys prefer not to have visible nose hair. There are different methods to remove nose hair, so let’s take a look at the choices you have available:

1. Nose Trimmers

A lot of guys like to use either very small scissors with rounded tips designed to snip hairs in the nostrils or an electric nose trimmer specifically designed for this purpose. 

The scissors are rounded so you don’t accidentally cut yourself while the electric version also has rounded razors and you can get yourself one from Amazon or another online retailer.

You can either shorten or slowly remove the visible parts of your nose hair without hurting the sensitive skin inside the nostrils or accidentally removing too much hair. This method is the safest option if you don’t mind having to do it every week or so as the hair grows back. 

You won’t remove all nose hair this way so concentrate on the most visible or thickest strands. Nose hair does serve a purpose so you’ll only want to remove what’s visibly coming out of the nostrils.

To use nose trimmers, sit or stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Blow your nose to get rid of any snot that might get in the way. 

Next, hold the trimmer or scissors and tilt your head backwards then trim the hair down to the skin. Blow your nose when you’ve finished to make sure you get the little hair out but don’t rinse it with water.

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2. Plucking or Waxing

Typically neither of these methods is recommended to tackle excess nasal hair. It hurts pulling out hairs one by one and you could end up with ingrown hairs or even an infection. Waxing will not only make your eyes water but can also be super-painful and damaging to the delicate skin inside the nostrils.

You might have seen some nose waxing products which have been specially designed to only remove the hair inside the nostril edge and results can last up to a month. 

Waxing can be dangerous and pretty painful but it does promise a longer-lasting result because it yanks out the entire half shaft from under the skin.

If you are feeling brave and want to give this method a try, ensure you read the directions carefully before you start. If your nose is sore or tender after waxing, hold a wet lukewarm towel over your nose until it’s less sensitive.

3. Laser Hair Removal

This permanent hair removal might initially sound like the best method since it offers a permanent result! However, since it can damage the delicate mucous membranes in the nose, it is considered to be a controversial method.

The process uses laser light technology which destroys the hair follicles to stop hair from coming back. The treatment typically just treats the most visible hair around the nostril edges so it doesn’t poke out any more.

If you are considering this nose hair removal method, it is crucial that you choose a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist using a professional facility and have a consultation before proceeding. 

Lasering the nose can be tricky since it’s such a small cavity to treat. It’s also the costliest hair removal option.

Depilatory Cream: Just Don't

You might have used depilatory cream on your legs or another area, but that doesn’t mean hair-removing cream is a good idea for the nose. 

These creams are quite strong (else they wouldn’t be able to work) and you might burn the mucous membranes inside the nose. You also risk inhaling toxic fumes.

Although there might be some natural products to get rid of unwanted nose hair, you should always read the directions on the packaging carefully. Nearly all depilatory creams are labelled as ‘unsuitable for use on the nose’.

Is Removing Nose Hair Safe?

Although it’s safe (depending on the method you’re using) make sure you don’t overdo it. Whether you opt for thinning, removing or trimming the nose hair, it is safe as long as you take precautions and don’t venture further than the inside edge of each nostril. 

Remember that nose hair serves an important filtering function in the body and stops you from breathing in debris, so you won’t want to get rid of all of it. But also remember that you’ll look smashing once you remove the excess! While you're at it, maybe consider trimming below the belt too?