Do Men Shave Their Legs?

Do Men Shave Their Legs? - BALLS


The old adage "a hairy man is a happy man" used to be true. But times have changed and now there are many reasons why men shave their legs – and they're not all aesthetic. We'll discuss the reasons, product recommendations, tips for shaving, how often to shave or wax (or both), as well as what not to do if you want your legs to look great.

Men Shave Their Legs

There are many reasons why men shave their legs, including for aesthetic purposes and to reduce friction. Men who participate in sports such as swimming or cycling may also shave their legs because it's a requirement of the sport. Some men shave their legs because they have medical conditions that require them to do so. The reasons go on and on!

Why Do Men Shave Their Legs?

  • Shaving your legs can reduce friction from clothing.
  • Some men shave their legs for aesthetic reasons, and others do so to compete in sporting events or other activities that require a smooth surface.
  • Shaving reduces the risk of ingrown hairs on your calves.

Should Men Shave Their Legs?

Before you decide whether or not your legs are worth shaving, you should consider how much hair removal matters to you. As with any grooming practice, there are pros and cons. Shaving may be good for some men but bad for others, depending on their personal preferences and lifestyle.

If the idea of keeping your body hairless is appealing, then by all means go for it! If, however, shaving is never high on your list of priorities—or if the prospect of removing such a significant portion of your fur sends shivers down your spine—then we recommend skipping this step altogether.

Leg-Shaving Product Recommendations

There are a number of shaving products that can help you achieve a smooth, clean shave. Here’s how to choose the right one:

  • Electric Trimmers. If you're looking for an electric trimmer as opposed to manual razor, we recommend the BALLS Trimmer 2.0. It is entirely waterproof, allowing you to trim wet or dry. It comes with an adjustable guard so you can get the perfect length. It's also made with high quality ceramic blades instead of stainless steel. This means it won't rust, it cuts through hair like butter, and lasts longer than other blades. They even have a replacement blade subscription program so you'll always be on your game. 
  • Lotions, oils, and razors. If you want an extremely smooth shave of the legs like your lady friends have, there are a plethora of products available online. Just remember that you run the risk of cutting yourself, getting ingrown hairs, razor burn, and burning through your handheld razors much faster this way. Sometimes a close shave like this is necessary, so do your research, make sure to be in a warm shower, and apply copious amounts of product before shaving. 
  • Wax. If you are serious about getting rid of as much leg hair as possible, waxing might be a good solution for you. It’s painful, but effective in the short term. For example, if you are going on a tropical beach vacation and don’t want to worry about a single hair on your legs, heading to a professional waxing salon a few days before your departure is a good idea. 

Reasons Men Shave Their Legs

Some men shave their legs to reduce friction, for aesthetic reasons, or for athletic competition.

  • Some men shave their legs to reduce friction
  • Some men shave their legs for aesthetic reasons
  • Some men shave their legs for athletic competition (especially swimmers, cyclists, and body builders)
  • Some men have a medical condition that makes it difficult to grow hair on your lower limbs and must therefore get rid of any existing follicles once they do develop. This is particularly common in areas of high altitude where hair growth is stunted as a result of oxygen deprivation.
  • Other guys simply prefer the smooth look—and who can blame them? It's tough enough trying not to look like a caveman one day out of the week; why not take some extra care and keep things looking neat at all times?

How Often Should I Shave?

Leg hair grows about half an inch per month. So unless you live an extreme 


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, from the history of leg-shaving to its cultural significance. With so many facets of body hair and shaving, it can be difficult to know where to begin. But we hope we’ve given you enough information and inspiration to embark on your own journey into leg-shaving. From shaving tips for men who want smooth skin without razor bumps or ingrown hairs—or who want their dates not to notice when they do shave!—to product recommendations for whether you prefer shaving cream or gel in your shower routine, we’re confident that there are plenty of options out there for all types of men (and women). So go get those legs shaved already!