Testicular Massage: How to Relax Your Testicles

Testicular Massage: How to Relax Your Testicles - BALLS

Ready to spice up your love life? Read on to learn more about giving your 'family jewels' a little TLC - it will boost your mojo and leave you feeling like a new man!

Written by Tommy Buckley, BALLS' resident masseuse

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction to Testicular Massage
  2. Why Massage Your Testicles?
  3. Learn How to Do Testicle Massage
  4. Benefits of Testicle Massage
  5. Testicular Massage: A Good Preliminary
  6. How to Give a Great Testicle Massage in 5 Steps
  7. Some Additional Tips
  8. Massage Around the Testicles
  9. Free Your Chakras


Introduction to Testicular Massage 

There's nothing like massaging your testicles to boost your sleeping energy (don't deny it!) and your erotic life! 

If you can master the right ball massage technique, you will soon see amazing results that will increase your sexual life tenfold, such as an increase in the strength of your erection (and the return of ejaculation, if you were struggling before)!

Why Massage Your Testicles? 

It won't surprise you buddy: 

An increasing number of men are suffering from low energy and infertility these days.

What's at stake?

Changes in their health and especially in their hormonal balance, linked to age, stress, or the side effects of taking regular medication. 

What is more surprising is that this change is also sometimes caused by poor blood circulation around the testicles! 

That is why it is beneficial for any man who cares about his health and well-being to begin the regular practice of testicle massage, which is one of the best preliminaries to sexual relations!

Relaxing Your Testicles

Indeed, massaging of the testicles, and the erogenous zones located around the balls, stimulates the general blood flow of the male organism (thus improving health), while allowing men to feel breathtaking changes in their sexual life:

  • Strength of their erection (a penis as hard as concrete!)
  • Semen volume (amount of sperm)
  • Vigour of their ejaculation!

Men Who Have Tried Testicular Massage

But before we go any further, we would like to warn you:

Once you get used to the massage of your testicles, you will never be the same man again: 

Normal sex won't be enough for you anymore

It's impossible to describe, but it's incredible!

And it really works!

Men too old to ejaculate have been seen to suddenly reach the Walhalla of orgasm thanks to testicular massage! 

We have also seen many men with erectile dysfunction suddenly recover thanks to ball massage! 

We explain it all in the following article...

Learn How to Do Testicle Massage  

Your mood as a man is low, and let's not forget your libido. 

It's time for a good ball massage, buddy! 

You may not know it, but one of the most popular services offered by Japanese sex workers is testicle massage.

The latter has several advantages.

Let's look at them together:

Benefits of Testicle Massage

Benefits of Testicle Massage for Men 

  • Promotes the secretion of male hormones (testosterone)
  • Improves the power of ejaculation
  • Increases semen volume (sperm count)
  • Increases blood flow and erection hardness
  • Increases the endurance of erections (hardness of the penis in the arousal phase), which can last for many more minutes
  • Increases the ability to recover from ejaculation
  • For all these reasons combined, increase the frequency of sex (and therefore the quality of your sex life), as well as the health of the male

Benefits of Testicle Massage for Women 

  • Prevents her lover from getting stuck in a rut
  • Makes him happy!
  • Helps control his erection
  • Increases knowledge of partner's body
  • It's sexy

Testicular Massage: A Good Preliminary

It is important to know that the testicles are not known for being easily sexually excitable.  

Clearly, your balls are big lazy libidos. 

This means that they generally do not show a great response to sexual arousal. 

However, this does not prevent them from feeling a pleasant sensation when touched and massaged gently.

Although the testicles do not have a sexual area, they are enclosed in a bursa (the scrotum) that feels good when touched or pressed. 

Like the nipple on your breast, the skin of the happy testicle that hangs tenderly between your thighs is thin and delicate, so it appreciates being stroked.

And from caress to intoxication, there is only one step...

How to Give a Great Testicle Massage in 5 Steps

Now let's see how to massage the testicles in practice:

Oil or Lotion, Fingers, Palms, Mouth, and Forearms

In principle, oil is used to massage the testicle, but lotions or lubricants can also be used. 

Testicular massage is performed mainly with the fingers and palms of the hands.

However, your partner's mouth and even forearms (if you are passive in the affair) can take part in the affair, it increases the pleasure. ;)

To make things even spicier, you could use Oliver's Everywhere Oil with 100% natural ingredients.



Like Boiled Eggs

When you touch or are touched by your testicles, do so as if you were touching a boiled egg, very gently

Be careful not to squeeze the testicle too tightly, as this could hurt your discreet dumpling, and even crush it! (poor thing)

In the Scrotum as if in a Pouch

Massage your testicles as if you were playing with marbles - very delicate, and as big as caps - in a pouch (the cover here is your scrotum).

Take care to knead both testicles in their sack/scrotum, taking care not to crush them, and warm them up with both hands for several minutes.

Seize and Progress...

Now stroke the skin of your testicles and grasp them tenderly (the whole scrotum), then progress and gain ground towards your groin (hip joint), your lower abdomen (pubis, at the base of your penis), and even your buttocks and hips, why not...

And don't forget to explore the area around your anal contour, where you can titillate the entrance ring if you like that kind of stimulation.

You can even invite a finger if it suits you: as long as it makes you happy...  

Be sure to apply pressure and pressure on the points around the anus and along the perineum (anal stimulation), as well as at the base of the penis.

And don't forget to honour your blissful prostate: 

A prostatic orgasm caused by a prostate massage is not to be refused ;)


For the sake of your body and your health, stimulate and activate the blood flow of your life clocks with a gentle but firm massage.

Explore all possible positions of your fingers, hands, mouth (hint of fellatio) or forearms, as well as the precise geography of your joys, through different contact points on each testicle. 

Add additional stimulation (why not in vibrating mode with a delicate finger shake) to the engorged and swollen areas of your scrotum... 

Practise the massage on the mignonettes from front to back and from back to front, but also of course around each testicle.

Repeat the operation for many minutes on the whole of your scrotum or on each testicle, until you are completely satisfied (with a full erection) with your strong body, at the apotheosis of your pleasure...

Some additional tips 

  • During lovemaking, hand and mouth movements on the folded nuts are disappointing if they move away from the centre of the balls: the correct movement should therefore be from the outside of the nuts towards their centre
  • It is good to touch with a feather touch, which is more erotically stimulating than the lead touch
  • There is a good pressure point (the male G-spot), located exactly in the centre of the triangle formed by the lifting of the balls, at the base of the penis

It all sounds easy, but when it comes to doing it yourself (or your partner), testicle massage is a lot harder than it looks! 

A word of advice, then

Review and practice again and again

The work of massaging the balls is constantly being reworked, for long minutes and hours!

Massage around the testicles

Final tip for your girlfriend (or boyfriend)

Girlfriend, even if you don't massage your lover's testicles, know that there are many pressure points around the scrotum that can help induce ejaculation! 

So feel free to touch them often (especially the base of the penis) during your erotic play!

Your lover will thank you for it!

Free your chakras

Massaging your testicles (or having them massaged) has many advantages, both in terms of sexual relations and health! 

Everyone would be well advised to engage in the wonderful practice (which can be part of male masturbation) of massaging the testicles and their skin.

This can encourage men to open up and release their chakras, increase the pleasure and orgasms they can experience, while helping them to finally reach out to the lower half of their body other than their penis.

In short, man :

"A little (ball) massage for the man, a big orgasm for Humanity!"

Want to make your peanut massage easier? Don't forget that a testicle is never as pleasant to massage as when it is well shaved! 

👉 With the BALLS trimmer, of course 😉

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