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Our Story

Today, is one of the world's leading purveyors of ball shavers and body groomers, and a recognized authority on intimate trimming. But it wasn't always that way.

Back in 2018, two chaps from England, Matt Edge and Tyler Ball (no joke!), kicked off after a cringey chat with a relative who confessed to using kitchen scissors on his manhood.

Quick research revealed two truths: most folks were either taking the risky route with regular razors or wielding any sharp object they could find for tackling the downstairs situation. Plus, this was one hush-hush topic, shrouded in awkward giggles, taboos, and the occasional whack to the upper arm.

So, the lads embarked on a mission to craft a trimmer specifically for the most delicate areas. Their journey of exploration birthed the company's first gems: The Balls Trimmer V1, Balls Soap, and Balls Lotion.

Ball, Edge and their big balls, 2020

Ball, Edge and their big balls, 2020

And let me tell you, after that initial launch and the flood of orders, rode the direct-to-consumer roller coaster. Awards piled up, Tyler got cozy with the Daily Mail, our first Hong Kong factory was, well, less than SackSafe, Meta gave us the boot, new products hit the scene, and the company changed hands.

God save the Queen

God save the Queen

Through it all, we learned a ton – about balls, about BALLS, and about the amazing customers we're lucky to serve. Here are some highlights:

  1. Intimate grooming isn't for everyone, but it's a big deal for many. We've had some fantastic feedback, with one bloke named Robert from Islington claiming, "It's changed my life." We still get the occasional "why bother trimming?" but for some, it really matters.
  2. Curiosity about intimate grooming is alive and kicking. Loads of folks, both men and women, swing by with genuine interest in whether intimate grooming is their cup of tea – and how to do it right. Shoutout to Dr. Ina Park and her book "Strange Bedfellows" for even dedicating a chapter to the art of intimate grooming!
  3. Quality matters. There's a sea of shoddy intimate hair care products out there, and the difference between a cheap trimmer and a good one is no joke.
  4. Women are our VIPs. Whether they snag a Balls Trimmer for themselves or borrow their partner's, they've discovered that intimate trimming beats the heck out of a visit to the waxing lady.
  5. It's not just about Balls. People tame all sorts of body hair for various reasons, from getting party-ready to avoiding chafing during a run or cleaning up for a beach weekend.
  6. It's not just about the trimmer. The war on hair (especially for the fellas) demands an arsenal of weapons, and we're on a mission to find the best products to help you in that battle.
  7. Caring is non-negotiable. We've been all about top-notch customer service from day one. We claim that we care more about your Balls than you do – a bold statement, but one we stand by.

Here's what you can bank on from us: a perfect blend of safety, simplicity, and trustworthiness. Smooth, nick-free trims without needing a degree in physics. Our soap, oil, and other goodies are top-notch, 100% natural products crafted specifically for intimate grooming.

Matt and Tyler's initial goal was simple: No snags on your bags. Today, our mission isn't too different – to be your best partner in the intimate grooming journey. And of course, to ensure there's "no snags on your bags."


James Weiss

CEO of