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Exactly as advertised

No hair pulling, no cuts.

New V1 blades

I have had the V1 trimmer for a couple of years now and signed up for the replacement blade program back then, Balls have never missed sending me the new blade every 3 Months like clockwork, GREAT SERVICE, thanks.

Great trim, without the nicks!!

Great trim, without the nicks!! Would recommend.

Nice product

Works great as expected

The Archibald Trimmer
Nathan Crepet

Very nice customer service, efficient and fast

Lame de rechange

La lame de rechange est vraiment très utile, je n'avais pas changé de lame depuis plus d'un an et après l'avoir changer je remarque vraiment la différence concernant le rasage.
Je recommande le changement régulier, cependant il faut faire attention à ne pas se couper avec cette nouvelle lame bien éguisée.


Super pleased. Best designed shaver I've ever seen. It fits my hand beautifully, it works perfectly out of the box. I hope you'll get a base that charges but that's not really a big deal. Thumbs up!

Quality Product

Quality product and packaging, delivering a really close and comfortable shave. Excellent value for money, topped off with a great sense of humour. Need I say more!

The Classic Trimmer
Jason Smith
Best trim I've had in years

Doesn't nip your skin at all


I love it, I had the first one that came out several years ago. I have one little issue, while the blades for the Archibald fit older models, the 17 replacement blades I had for my previous balls shaver do not fit the Archibald.
You can tell me until you are blue in the face it’s due to making the Archibald ‘sleeker’, but we both know you want me to buy the new blades 💯%

The Classic Trimmer
Thomas Wartig

Ich bin sehr zufrieden 😃

Blade for balls razor

Quick delivery nicely packaged only problem ordered the wrong blade didn’t realise until I opened it

Bisher alles gut

Lieferung war zwar schnell aber die Verfolgung per DHL ging leider nicht. Erste Rasur ging noch nicht ganz zur vollen Zufriedenheit. Kann aber auch an der Übung liegen.

Great trimmer

An update from version 1.0 adding a front light, better grip, and smoother running I'd say. Only used it once so far downstairs, and appreciated the built in 3 step guard. Even without the guard, very easy to use due to the headlight, and no nicks either. Great value IMO.

The Archibald Trimmer
Valerie Bourguignon
Vraiment très pratique

Bonne prise en main , la lumière est vraiment un plus très pratique et les différentes hauteurs de coupe parfait bref je l’ai adopté et offerte à une amie

Strong customer focus

I loved the packaging. I loved the humor. And the product definitely met my expectations. Would recommend!

great addition with the balls trimmer

The best cleansing duo! First, the soap is so refreshing for my whole body. Then the oil keeps my balls smooth and soft.

Excellent product

Great product, hands down.

works great!!!

Small sleek doesnÍt hurt me :)


Close trimmed balls :)


It smells so good

Love it

Close trimmed balls :)

great addition with the balls trimmer

The best cleansing duo! First, the soap is so refreshing for my whole body. Then the oil keeps my balls smooth and soft.

Love my balls

I received my first trimmer which must’ve been damaged in transport, it didn’t work properly and was really loud when turned on. I contacted the customer service team, they replied quickly and had another one out in the post which arrived 2 days later. The new one works perfectly, exactly as shown on adverts. It was so good to use I was gutted i run out of hair to shave. The Mrs loves how smooth everywhere is. This product is a must have

Great work

I was once one of the guys before who used a normal shaver. And it hurts when I cut my skin (especially the balls), expect some ingrown hairs too after a few days. Now I decided to change my routine. This starter bundle from Balls is Ball-tastic!