Balls Trimmer V2

  • Best-in-class micro-trimming replaceable ceramic blades 
  • Internationally-loved SackSafe guard and a no-nick guarantee
  • A 6,200 RPM motor to handle all thicknesses and textures
  • High-powered LED light for hard-to-reach areas
  • Waterproof ergonomic design with a non-slip grip for risk-free shower trims
  • Full-body-friendly: Strong enough for your balls, made for everywhere

Couple of the Year

Our top-quality ceramic blades and SackSafe guard are a match made in heaven. Easy-to-use and pre-installed, with adjustable lengths, this pairing is intuitive right out of the box. The safest, the simplest, and yet somehow the best tool for the job — it’s magic.

Are We Best Friends?

Any idiot can build a balls trimmer, but it takes a special type of idiot to call it BALLS. That’s us, though: our fans love us because we care about their balls so much, we named ourselves after them.