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  • The best care
    for down


  • "Their Balls Trimmer uses ceramic blades and a precisely-tuned motor to tackle the namesake area, although it also works on the rest of your body too."

  • “There is one bodily area where the Balls Trimmer really excels compared to the rest – and you can probably guess where that is.”

  • "93% of our panel reported no tugging or pulling, 87% found it lived up to its claim of being gentle on their skin. The design made it easy to access hard-to-reach places, leaving 87% proud of their finish."

  • "You're only as good as the tools you use", And when it comes to grooming your groin, dropping the metaphorical ball should never be underestimated."

  • "Specifically designed to neaten you up below the belt, this trimmer's [ceramic] blade is reassuringly gentle on your groin and scrotum."


The pinnacle of grooming greatness

Featuring top-quality micro trimming ceramic blades for precise trimming, and a 6,200RPM motor ideally tuned (not too fast, not too slow) to trim groin hair of all textures and thicknesses, the BALLS™ Trimmer is purpose built to give you the ultimate grooming experience. 

The BALLS™ Trimmer is perfectly-suited to helping you groom wherever, whenever you need it.

Designed With
Your Junk In Mind

  • Blades of Glory

    Our goal has always been “No snags on your bags”. Our precision ceramic blades get the job done better than any steel blade ever could.

  • You’re In Control

    With our SafeSack Adjustable Guards, you’re in the driver’s seat. You get to decide exactly how you want your coin purse and man muscle (or, for that matter, your pom pom) to look.

  • Waterproof AF

    Step into the shower with your new friend. Our trimmer makes it easy as pie to incorporate trimming of the tea bags into your routine.

  • Large and In Charge

    A well-crafted mane makes your main event more …. main. Now you can groom where you want, when you want, and how you want. Hold the applause, please. 

Blokes who love
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The tower of London stands out when the surrounding bushes have been neatly trimmed.


If you can help an old lady across the street, you can clear a path for your partner. 


No one enjoys riding a cramped and smelly tube. Same goes for you.


That quiet inner knowledge that your balls are ace and ready for anything.


For the bloke who needs to impress the old ball and chain with your balls and chain. This is the ultimate in ball-scaping. We’re talking about our bestselling BALLS™ Trimmer, a pair of SackSafe™ Blades to keep you going, and our specially formulated BALLS™ Lotion for the freshest of grooming aftercare.

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Your schedule is full, we get it. You want smooth balls and a no-faff grooming routine that keeps you feeling fresh and fly all day long. Simple. That’s why we’ve created the easiest starter kit in the world to get your body and balls on point. Three easy products: there’s really no way you can balls it up.

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