What to shave your testicles with?

What to shave your testicles with? - BALLS

But what makes the skin smooth? 

The BALLS trimmer, of course!

Better than scissors, razors, depilatory cream or wax, the BALLS trimmer is the best tool available on the market today to ensure you get a clean, unobstructed shave!

Thanks to the BALLS trimmer, you will be able to show off your splendid tanned body with shapely muscles, embellished with a perfect shave right down to the crotch, without shame or modesty.

So let's see together how, and more importantly what, you'll be able to adopt a perfect 🥝testicles🥝 in your beauty / shaving routine...

Why shave your waltz? 

Think of the efforts you make every day of the year to pamper your body:

You spend so much time working out, eating healthy, and perfecting your tan, only to end up leaving a desolate wasteland in the very place that is supposed to be the most intimate and cleanest part of your body?

Feeling clean and fresh right down to your pants has an impact on your general well-being, whether you're out and about or at home (cocoon mode). 

Imagine yourself on a date with a lovely girl or boy (depending on your taste, we don't judge): 

You've made an effort to be neat, you've dressed up, you've put on the right amount of perfume, you've shaved your face closely...

But you have neglected your most intimate parts!?

The stress of the situation (you have to seduce your partner!) can inevitably cause you to sweat, feel 'uncomfortable', itch inelegantly... and end up losing your nerve!

You see: you have to take the problem head on! 

Even to the point of being scared to death, if you ask us!

So let's see what advantages you have in shaving:

1) Know how to make your balls breathe (otherwise it's not cool)

A silky scrotum has become a popular choice for both men and women.

At your grandmother's or uncle's house, we don't say: the smooth ball evokes visions of disgust, but it's not your grandmother or uncle that you have to seduce.

Put yourself in the shoes of your modern partner: 

Would you rather be stuck in a dense, bushy, smelly jungle with unexpected and unappealing surprises in every dark corner? 

Or is it wonder and peace, faced with clean, smooth and fresh curves? 

Remember buddy: 

The peculiarity of this not-so-well-tempered area is that it remains forever locked up, caulked, imprisoned under layers of thick clothing, all day long, in the dark, in apnea... 

It's not often that your pair of balls see the light of day, nor do they enjoy a breath of fresh air, and for good reason! 

They are compressed most of the day in your inhospitable crotch, asphyxiated, suffocated, tossed about, undermined, demoralised... 

You understand that you must urgently offer them a waxing to revive them and bring them back to happiness, and make them feel fresh and soft!

2) Preventing unwanted testicle scratching

Who hasn't found themselves standing in front of jaded colleagues during a work presentation, suddenly with an itchy crotch?

It doesn't matter whether it scratches or tickles:

One finds oneself having to contort oneself awkwardly and very unobtrusively to avoid having to put one's hand in the fateful spot.

Who hasn't, honestly?

If you don't raise your hand, it's because the two of them are already busy scratching your precious demands, don't you think?

So here is our advice: 

First of all, try to eliminate all the causes that may be causing your cursed itching. 

There may be several. 

Then, once you are sure that all is well with you on the waltz side, move on to trimming your balls with the BALLS mower. 

It provides a clean, efficient and precise shave, preventing ingrown hairs!

What tools should I use to shave my testicles?

Let's see now with which tools it could be possible for you to shave your life clocks:

1. Shaving testicles: put away your scissors

In the same way that you have never seen a gardener tackle his delicate shrubs with a jackhammer, you have no idea of attacking the highly sensitive Celestial Ballast area with the wrong tools, and risk leaving your (thin) skin!

So the first thing to ban from your shaving routine is scissors!

Leave them in your kitchen drawer, they are more useful there than near your purses:

Each activity has its own tool!

As Winston Churchill said:

Each tool has its place, and the balls are well shaved!

Imagine the damage if, like Edward Scissorhands, you suddenly found yourself with scissor blades for fingers?

Can you imagine the butchery?

Acknowledge, friend :

The hair on your scrotum is far too fine and sparse to be effectively trimmed by a pair of scissors!

Your chubby, crinkly gonads are far too precious to risk cutting them with a scissor blade!

Moreover, in the largely unexplored area of your testicles, you do not have good enough visibility to clearly perceive and detect all the folds of your sacred skin. 

So believe us:

Don't try to play MacGyver with your balls, or twist around to free them from their unsightly hair:

It's a waste of time!

  1. Testicular shaving: forget your disposable razor

The Communists are wiping the slate clean:

From your old worn-out razor, distinguished trimmer, make yourself a clean slate too!

It's been lying on your sink for ages, you keep it precious like an antique piece in the event that maybe, one day, once, why not... Stop!

Get rid of it!

And get it into your head, once and for all, that disposable razors should be banned from your shaving routine!

There are several reasons for this: 

  • Risk of slipping with a razor: the pendulum area is extremely sensitive. You don't go there with just any cutting tool! A poorly controlled gesture, a mini moment of forgetfulness, and nicks or cuts occur! These can themselves become infected afterwards. So watch out!
  • Irritation and cuts from worn blades: razor blades need to be changed frequently to be effective. The more you use your razor, the duller the blades become. No need to draw you a picture: if you have to go over your balls several times, you run the risk of cutting them or irritating your skin several times!
  • Ingrown hairs: Ingrown hairs are a nuisance, and they are encouraged by razor cutting. If left untreated, they can swell, itch, irritate and even turn into unsightly pimples.

3. Testicular shaving: adopt the ball clipper

Man is endowed with hands, and this is what distinguishes him from animals, and makes him the most intelligent of all. 

Aristotle says so.

Do you know who Aristotle is?


So to put your intelligence (hard-won over generations of hand-holders) into practice, it is more than natural that you should use both hands (you know, the one that made your forefathers smart).

But, even if they are essential, two hands are not enough to shave the balls effectively.

Two hands are nothing without the BALLS mower!

BALLS, the testicle trimmer that has been in the news, is the perfect tool for you to get a safe and efficient shave of your chubbies!

Indeed, thanks to its waterproofness, its manoeuvrability and its cut protection, the BALLS trimmer will fit perfectly into your daily shaving routine in the shower!

Remember that the skin around your sacral groin is particularly thin and wrinkled!

To avoid being pinched very hard -like the little white rabbit in the Paris metro- or cutting into this particularly thin and wrinkled skin, you will have to use your two precise hands in the operation:

The first hand will be used to stretch the skin of your balls, and the second hand will be used to run the clippers over the wrinkled skin! 

Don't be afraid!

Thanks to its anti-slip coating, the BALLS trimmer will never slip out of your hands:

This will save you from many accidents...

Build a "ball shaving" routine

Now that you've discovered the right tool and technique for shaving your family's crown jewels, take the time to set aside a special time during the week to shave your balls. 

Determine in advance and reserve on your calendar this sacred time: 

This will be a moment to yourself, or rather your balls, so take your time when you're manoeuvring, and enjoy your testicular shave: 

If you're already late getting into the shower in the morning, it's best not to schedule your waxing at that time:

Put it off until tomorrow.

And in the operation, be concentrated and adopt delicate gestures: 

You'll appreciate the results all the more, as well as the ease with which our shaving kit can be used.

Follow these shaving tips and, once you've got the hang of shaving, you'll know how often you personally need to trim your hair:

This frequency belongs to everyone, no one is equal in this area under the divine Heavens:

All men are different, and although hair follows the same life cycle, it does so at a different pace in each of us.

What's up?

Are you ready to go, buddy? 

So get on the list of BALLS products to ensure a close, safe, smooth and effortless shave. 

Our experts are also here to advise you throughout this magnificent blog that welcomes you today...