How to Shave Armpit Hair for Men

How to Shave Armpit Hair for Men - BALLS

These days male grooming is more popular than it has ever been before. Male hair fashions change and that doesn’t just apply to the hair on your face and head but all the hair on your whole body. Women have always been the ones to remove hair and often choose shaving, laser hair treatments, waxing, and so on. But guys are really coming into their own hair-wise, realising that trimming or shaving their body hair can be a good thing. A bit of effort can go far and many men (and their partners) prefer a well-groomed body.

Some guys like to shave their pubic hair, chest hair, armpit hair, and back hair. If you already have shaving tools, you might like to pay a bit more attention to your armpit hair. A few years ago it was very rare to hear of men shaving this part of the body but it’s becoming more popular, especially now there are so many different hair removal products to choose from to make the whole process as quick and effective as possible.

Why Shave Under Your Arms?

There are a few different reasons men choose to shave their armpits. The main reason is an aesthetic one, since they prefer the look of smooth armpits rather than ones with lots of hair springing out. 

Others remove their armpit hair because they’re doing some kind of sport or athletics they can perform better that way. And then there is another very important reason, which is hygiene. Long, unruly underarm hair can trap bacteria and we all know how that smells. So, if you’ve never tried shaving your pits before, you might want to try it. You don’t have anything to lose - well, except the hair!

There are glands under the arms which produce sweat and that’s why we wear deodorant or antiperspirant. If you have a lot of underarm hair though, it can stop deodorant doing what it’s supposed to. 

All that caveman-esque hair might stop it from actually reaching the glands, which is why more and more men choose to either shave or trim that area. Shaving there can also give you less itching and a cleaner, fresher feeling. If you have these issues, it might be worth shaving and see whether they are resolved.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s not ‘manly’ to shave your pits, but take an objective look and perhaps try a couple of different shaving or trimming methods. If you aren’t keen on it, the hair will grow back quickly enough.

Different Ways for Men to Remove Armpit Hair

The simplest way to trim the hair under your arms is to use a small pair of scissors (no, not those huge bacon shears from the kitchen drawer!) Even if you have a lot of hair or it’s long or grows in more than one direction, you can grab a handful, twirl and twist it around and then snip it off. You can then put it straight in the bin since you’re holding it and it won’t fall on the floor.

Now this isn’t going to give you that smooth, close-shave feeling, but you will reduce the length of the hair in just a minute or two.

Another method is using depilatory cream, also known as hair removal cream. Now these can be irritating and also smell pretty strongly of chemicals. Also, if you have sensitive skin you could end up with an uncomfortable rash temporarily. 

You’d need to trim the hair a bit before application then leave it on for however minutes it says on the tube. Then simply wipe it off and rinse it in the shower afterwards. If you want to try this approach and you know you have sensitive skin, ensure you choose a depilatory cream that’s specially formulated for sensitive areas.

Another method is using a razor. You should trim the hair using scissors or else use an electric trimmer first. Experts say you should then exfoliate the skin to help prevent ingrown hairs. You can use a loofah or exfoliating body scrub to eliminate bacteria and dead skin cells. Next, apply shaving gel or cream, grab a fresh razor and shave your armpits until smooth. 

Because underarm hair tends to do its own thing and sprout in every direction, you’ll probably need to shave in more than one direction to get it all off. Shaving your pits will shorten the life of your razor so you’ll need a new one often if you keep shaving there.

Another method, widely considered to be the best, is to use an electric trimmer, such as the BALLS trimmer. The company offers a replacement blade subscription so you can have a blade for your balls, one for under your arms and one for your beard if you like.

So if you want the best, cleanest, smoothest result, use a BALLS trimmer. This nifty gadget is waterproof too so you can shave your pits in the shower in minutes and without any irritation. Once charged you get an hour of use and you can use it on literally any part of your body.

Time to Try Shaving Your Armpits

Yes, male armpit shaving is really a thing. You can first use scissors to trim the hair and then either shave them with a razor, use a depilatory cream or buzz them off with a BALLS trimmer. B.O. will be a thing of the past and you will feel clean, fresh and well-groomed, so trimming or shaving the hair you have there is a win-win!