Slide into her DMs the Right Way

Slide into her DMs the Right Way - BALLS

Dating can be tricky and sliding into a girl’s messages and getting a reply can be harder than you think. 

Modern dating can be a minefield. Do it right and she will love your flirty messages and perhaps you’ll get a date out of it. Do it wrong though and you might not even get a response. So what’s the secret to sliding into her DMs and keeping her interested?

What to Avoid

Let’s start off with the don’ts and find out which mistakes you really don’t want to make.


1. Keep it real

If a guy tries too hard and ends up overdoing it, this can be off-putting to the ladies. It’s best to keep your messages short and sweet so you can grab her attention and stand out from the other guys.


2. Never send a dick pic

Girls absolutely don’t want dick pics, even if you’re hung like a Hoover. It’s just a tacky move which won’t do much more than creep her out.


3. If you use emojis, use words too

The occasional smiley face (or 🍆 aubergine) isn’t a problem but if you’re only sending emojis, that makes it harder for her to think of her reply. Use them if you like but don’t only use emojis.


4. Don’t be arrogant

It’s a mistake to overdo your flirting or act like a dick. If she isn’t interested, don’t pursue it. Just take the hint and move on.


5. Don’t leave her hanging

Another error is leaving her on ‘read’. If she sees you’ve read her message but not bothered to reply, she might lose interest, which is when another guy could swoop in. You might think you’re playing hard to get, but she won’t see it that way.

Tips for Results

Now you know what not to do to slide into a girl’s DMs, it’s time to look at what you should do.


1. Call her by her name

She’s sure to have had cheesy, impersonal intros like ‘hey sexy’ or ‘hi beautiful’ before now. If you use her name, this will show you’ve at least gone to the effort of learning it. Any generic ‘copy and paste’ type messages aren’t going to stand out at all.


2. Respond to her stories

You can find out more about her personality by looking at the posts and photos she shares, so start a conversation about something you can tell she likes and she will feel that you’re taking an earnest interest in her.


3. Ask questions

Ask things she can actually respond to, not just general questions like ‘yo what’s up?’ This makes it easier to strike up a proper conversation because she will be able to tell you’re interested in her.


4. Use humour

Girls love guys who can make them laugh. Making a joke at your own expense can put her at ease, and everyone loves a bit of banter.


5. Move to texts

Sliding into her DMs and getting replies is all well and good but, to keep things moving, get her digits and continue the chat by text messages. Don’t do this too soon. Instead wait until you have a good vibe and then you can text and hopefully end up on a hot date with her eventually.

Everyone is different, which makes sliding into a girl’s DMs a risk. What one girl might find charming, cute or funny, another girl might think the opposite. There is no one guaranteed way of chatting that will appeal to every girl, so just put yourself out there and see if you click with someone.

Be yourself, don’t be too arrogant or insincere, and put a little thought into what you say to her. If the chemistry is right, hopefully you will hit it off and end up going on a real date.