How to Manscape Like a Pro

How to Manscape Like a Pro - BALLS

If you want to change the hair on your head, that’s easy. You just head to the local barber, right? You can even get your facial hair trimmed and styled. But what about your pubes? You can’t exactly whip those out in the salon. Well, you could, but if you prefer not to get arrested, there are other ways to get your balls groomed to perfection.

Manscaping isn’t a new concept but more and more guys are spending as much time grooming their privates as women spend on their makeup. 

So why do men like to manscape? The reasons include:

  • To feel sexy and attractive
  • To feel more confident
  • For hygiene and cleanliness reasons
  • Makes it easier to do self-exams to check for any changes

Do you go to the gym? Manscaping can also show off your muscle definition. 

But, before you reach for that razor, it’s worth knowing the risks associated with intimate grooming, namely ingrown hairs, skin irritation and infections. 

These can be caused by using the wrong tools or not knowing the safest, most effective shaving and trimming techniques. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best tips for male grooming.


Take Your Time and Take Care

It might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many guys think they can grab a razor and be hair-free down there in 3 minutes flat. 

The consequences of being careless with a razor or pair of scissors don’t really bear thinking about. And unless you’re going to take your time and be careful, it’s better to keep blades well away from your bollocks.

Talking of blades, the most common tool used for manscaping is the razor. However, while this is many men’s preferred implement for facial hair, that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for your crown jewels.

Blades clog up easily, especially if you’re trying to tackle an impressive (for all the wrong reasons) Wolverine-like overgrowth. This means you have to use more pressure on the skin, which comes with the risks described above. 

There are some great alternatives to using a standard razor, so you can take your pick.

Different Options for Manscaping

Some grooming methods are simple enough to do yourself in the comfort of your own home, while others should be tackled by a professional.


This is the most basic, cheapest and quickest method to choose and it’s also good for a natural look. However, shaving comes with risks including cuts, razor burns and ingrown hairs.


This option is for those who don’t want to bother having to groom every few days, since it pulls the hair out by the roots. The drawbacks are cost (waxing is more expensive than razors) and the pain!


This is a popular method for removing the odd stray hair from an eyebrow for example, but using tweezers on your pubic hair would take hours, and it’s not exactly pain-free either!


Similar to waxing but (slightly) less painful, sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique. It’s good for bigger areas like the back and chest. You can get home kits but if you’re new to hair removal you might prefer to see a professional for this service.

Hair Removal Cream

Also known as depilatory creams, these are applied to the area, left to sit and then scraped and rinsed off. A chemical in the cream weakens the hair and makes it come out. 

Hair removal cream shouldn’t cause ingrown hair but it isn’t suitable for the balls because it can be irritating to sensitive areas. Also, it doesn’t smell very nice and that smell can linger!

Body Hair Trimmers

A body groomer gives you complete control over how much hair you want to remove and how short to trim it if you want to leave some on. A BALLS Trimmer makes the whole process quick, easy and painless. 

You won’t nick or cut yourself either. No wonder so many men are now choosing these groomers over any other hair removal method.

Laser Hair Removal

If plucking and waxing aren’t painful enough for you, you could always consider laser hair removal! It’s good for larger areas like the shoulders and back but it’s also the most expensive option. 

However, if you don’t mind temporary discomfort, the cost of the several sessions you will need and you simply want permanent results, it’s something to think about.

The best hair removal method for men depends how much hair you want to remove or trim and which part(s) of the body you want to groom.

How to Prep for Shaving

You’ll want to trim your hair before shaving because you’ll get a better result and it’s not painful that way. If you’ve ever shaved your beard when it’s been somewhat long and straggly, you’ll know what we mean!

Whichever of the above hair removal methods you choose, you should trim the hair first.

Use a pair of scissors or a trimmer to cut the hair as short as you can before shaving. The exception to this is if you’re waxing, in which case the hair needs to be at least 1cm long else the wax strips won’t have anything to stick to.

Once you’ve had a trim, you need to take a hot shower, which will help soften the rest of the hair and open up the pores.

Unless you want to shave everything off, make sure the hair is dry before you begin, since hairs usually expand and relax while wet then go back to their normal length after they’re dry.

You can take the trimmer into the shower with you and start when your balls are warm and clean. When you’re ready to begin, apply a good amount of shaving cream to serve as protection between the shaver and your skin. If you want to see the area you’re shaving better, you might prefer shaving gel over shaving cream.

Flexibility and Patience

It’s no secret that your ball-sack is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. So you will need to be at least reasonably flexible and patient enough not to rush. Take a hand mirror into the shower with you and make sure you have good lighting so you can see everything you’re doing.

Pull the skin taut because it’s loose and thin and you don’t want to catch the razor or trimmer on them.

A trimmer is a safer option than a razor and reduces the odds of ingrown hairs, skin irritation, nicks, and cuts. There are clippers available which have been designed especially with delicate areas in mind. Pick something which is gentle and has more than one length setting.

How Often to Manscape

Stubble can appear after just a few days if you’re shaving completely. If you’re shaving for a special occasion like a pool party, hot date or bodybuilding competition, shave one day ahead to reduce the chances of skin irritation and stubble.

Some guys will shave every few days to keep on top of the stubble, although shaving such a delicate area can make the skin itch and also be uncomfortable when it grows back.

If that’s an issue for you, apply some hair conditioner on the skin when you finish shaving. The silicon in there will stop the skin from itching as the hair grows back. You can use any kind of hair conditioner. The kind you use on your head is fine. 

Bear in mind if you’re going to be applying conditioner often you will want to pick one that doesn’t block the pores (look for the word ‘non-comedogenic’ on the packaging).

This should be sufficient to stop ingrown hair but you might have to get an ingrown hair treatment at some point.

Watch Out for Cuts

Even if you take precautions it’s still possible to cut yourself shaving, so keep some first aid at hand. If you cut yourself while shaving your balls, stop right away and leave the area for a couple of days before trying again.

If it’s a large wound with lots of blood, apply pressure to the cut until the bleeding stops then wash it using soap and water. Apply a plaster or some Vaseline. If the cut doesn’t seem to heal or it won’t stop bleeding, you’ll need to get medical attention.

The easiest way to prevent such an issue is to forget the razor and use a BALLS Trimmer with SackSafe technology, which can give you a clean, smooth shave without cuts or nicks.

Get into the Manscaping Habit

Now you know exactly how to take care of any unwanted hair, you can make it part of your regular grooming schedule. Once a month should be good for newbies or you can trim more often if you prefer. 

Don’t worry how long it takes to do - the most important part is your safety. You’ll be a pro in next to no time!