Is Deodorant Safe to Use on the Balls?

Is Deodorant Safe to Use on the Balls? - BALLS

Many guys wonder if they can use deodorant on their privates. This is actually a good question, since everyone wants to feel and smell fresh and clean, especially down there. It kind of makes sense that if deodorant or antiperspirant can keep your armpits smelling fresh, surely it can do the same on the skin on other parts of the body. Can’t it?

Well no, not exactly - not all skin is the same, and most deodorants aren't designed for use on the balls or penis. Whether you’re a fan of sprays, bars, stones, or another type of deodorant, they’re not necessarily balls-friendly. 

The skin on the genitals is more delicate than underarm skin and some deodorant products are made with chemicals that could be irritating on delicate skin. They can also be tricky to wash off because deodorants are designed to last!

So before you spray deodorant all over your body willy-nilly, put it back in the cupboard and think about some better options. Let’s first consider why you’re wondering about this in the first place.

There are various reasons you might smell less than fragrant downstairs. If you haven’t been circumcised, you might have a yeast infection under the foreskin, and that’s something you should see a doctor for. Another cause could be a smegma buildup. 

If you don’t have a yeast infection or a buildup of smegma, the smell might be coming from underneath the scrotum or between the legs. The way to solve this type of situation would be changing your hygiene routine. 

Showering more frequently, washing your balls more carefully and using an antibacterial shower gel or soap to keep bacteria away can be helpful. Applying some cornstarch-free, talc-free baby powder to your nether regions can help keep them dry.

Even if you’re already following those tips, you still might be wondering if there is a ball-friendly deodorant suitable for that area. Actually yes there is and yes you should! Some guys (and sometimes their partners too) prefer the ‘au naturel’ aroma, but even if you do, it’s still a good idea to use a deodorant down there - it just has to be suitable for use on the genitals.

Deodorant has more than one use. Everyone knows it covers up odours but it can also help keep you cool as well as preventing ‘batwing’ (that’s when one bollock sticks to the inner thigh). All of those reasons are good ones for ensuring you’re powdered and deodorised.

So by now you’re probably wondering what kinds of products are safe for that kind of use. Let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers and find out more about each one.

Lume Natural Deodorant

Have you ever seen any of their funny adverts? Lume was designed by a female gynaecologist to help solve the problem of smelly privates. Apparently a lot of people would ask her the same question over and over, so she got creative and came up with a solution! 

This full-body deodorant is suitable for use not only under the arms but also on feet and genitals. It boasts an impressive 72-hour odour control, although if you aren’t planning to shower or wash your bollocks for 72 hours, that could very well be the reason you need to deodorise in the first place! LUME is free from parabens, baking soda and aluminium.

Super Fresh Man Parts

This is another option and it’s actually pretty similar to the BALLS lotion deodorant because you apply it as a liquid and then it dries and turns into a deodorant. You can use this one to prevent ‘swamp arse’ and the itching and irritation that goes with it. 

This body powder lotion can be applied on the groin, balls and bum for all-day freshness and comfort. It’s made with natural ingredients only.


In Conclusion

You might like to try several different products to determine which you like the best in terms of how it feels, how it smells and how it works. Budget can be another consideration, since once you find something you love you’ll want to use it every day.

So whether your bollocks smell a little funky or you simply want to enjoy the clean, fresh feeling of deodorant, make sure you pick something safe to use on the delicate skin down there and enjoy your newly fresh, sweet-smelling balls!