How to Shave Your Bum for a Silky Smooth Result

How to Shave Your Bum for a Silky Smooth Result - BALLS

Bum hair isn’t usually something most guys discuss with their mates but it can still be a bother. There are various reasons why men like to trim or remove hair down there and also different ways to do it.

Should I Shave My Arse?

There is no single answer to this and it depends on what you prefer. Some guys aren’t bothered about it but when the weather is hot or you’re doing physical activities, the result can be matted hair, itching and the dreaded ‘swamp arse’.

The hairier you are down there, the more likely sweat and bacteria is to get caught up in your pubes, not to mention ‘dingleberries’.

Aesthetically speaking, making the effort to look tidy and neat down there can mean good things for your love life. If you’re already trimming your pubes and balls, you might as well finish the job and include your bum.

You’re not going to make a good job of it unless you know which tools to use and how to prep the area first. Cuts on the bum, irritation and razor burn in this are no fun at all, so read on and discover how to shave your bum hair safely.

Shaving Your Bum Hair with a Trimmer

1. Take a bath or shower

You’ll want to begin with a clean rear end, since spreading bacteria around this area is never a good idea. Use mild soap and water and take your pick from a bath or shower. 

The warm water helps open the pores around the hair follicles and soften the hair. Not only does this mean less chance of ingrown hairs but it’ll also be easier to shave if you have a good soak first. You will also need a clean electric razor or trimmer.


2. Assume the position

Everyone has their own preferred position for shaving, and the most important thing is to get comfortable. Obviously you’ll want to be stable too so you don’t slip. 

Try propping one foot on a sturdy chair or the side of the bath. You might prefer to squat over a handheld mirror. Try it and see what’s comfy for you.


3. Pull the skin taut

Pull your bum cheeks apart and hold the skin nice and taut. You don’t want dips and crevices so don’t be shy about pulling the skin taut.


4. Time to shave

Carefully and slowly, use light strokes to remove the hair. If you’re using a BALLS Trimmer, you’ll find it simple to handle hair removal in your most sensitive places. 

A good electric trimmer is much safer than using a razor, but make sure you rinse the blade every few strokes, so you don’t get a hair buildup. That way you can go over the area more than once to make sure you didn’t miss a patch.


5. Rinse off and dry

Rinse the area well and pat dry with a clean towel. You can finish off the job by applying BALLS lotion or a similar soothing balm with cooling effect. You can even keep it in the fridge for extra cooling!

You’re going to get stubble when new hair grows back over the next couple of days. Some guys like to add talc after showering to prevent friction down there.

Common Bum-Shaving Mistakes

Shaving your rear isn’t difficult but you do need to pace yourself. If you don’t have time to make a proper job of it, then choose a time when you do. 

Don’t be self-conscious about shaving down there. After all, most men and women have at least some hair between the cheeks.

Alternatives to Shaving for Bum Hair Removal

There are different ways to remove the hair from your bum. Let’s take a look at some of shaving’s most popular alternatives.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent fix. This treatment uses laser beam pulses to vaporise the hair in each follicle. You will need several sessions and it can hurt. Also, as you’d expect, this isn’t a cheap hair removal method.


The back, sack and crack wax has been gaining popularity lately, as more guys choose to go hair-free down there. Waxing can be better than shaving, since the hair follicle is ripped out, so your hair won’t grow back for weeks.

Warm wax is applied to the area and then it’s allowed to cool a little so the wax will stick to the hair. The aesthetician will then rip it off.

Make sure you’re freshly showered before heading to a waxing parlour. The more often you get waxed the slower the hair grows back. And you can avoid razor rash. However, if you have a very low pain threshold, this might not be the method for you!

Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory creams like Nair are bum-friendly. These creams use alkaline chemicals to break down keratin (the protein substance that makes your hair strong). Don’t get hair removal cream on your sack or bumhole because it can burn. Also don’t accidentally touch any other part of your body with hair.

Give the cream ten minutes to work and then scrape it off using the scraper that came in the package. Hair removal cream can smell pretty bad and the smell can linger for a day or so, so you probably won’t want to use it just before a hot date!

Every guy has his own preferred technique to de-fuzz and get rid of hair from the bum area, so pick whichever works for you.