How Often Should You Trim? A Modern Gentleman's Guide to Manscaping

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The modern trend for cleanly shaven or neatly trimmed balls means more guys than ever are finding out what all the fuss is about. 

They want that clean, fresh feeling as well as a neat and tidy look. But why should you trim and how often should you do it? Let’s take a closer look at intimate grooming a.k.a. manscaping.

Why Trim Your Balls Anyway?

Although girls nearly always have hundreds of beauty products, a lot of men think a bar of soap, a razor, some aftershave and deodorant is all they need. 

Technically you could get away with that, but ball hygiene is really important and many girls prefer trimmed balls. Many guys love manscaping and how it feels when they have clean, fresh balls. These are some of the best reasons to keep the fellas trimmed and manscaped:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 women asked prefer her partner to be groomed. This can be anything from silky smooth and completely waxed or shaven to trimmed and tidy. Let’s face it - no woman wants to have to dig through a huge overgrown bush to get to the goodies.
  • Trimming those pubes can make you feel confident. You will look better and feel sexier and cleaner down there.
  • Letting your pubes grow too long means they will get curly and nappy, like a bird’s nest. Crabs and pubic lice will only add to the misery and they thrive in places with plenty of clean hair. Even if you don’t have any bugs, you will still prefer the feeling of being groomed.

Pubic Hair Growth Rate

Pubes grow fast and, if you’ve ever shaved your goolies, you’ll know how they can itch as soon as the next day after manscaping.

Hair has three phases of growth, which are growing, stagnation and falling out, and this applies to all body hair. It takes somewhere between 30 and 44 days for the whole growth, stagnation and falling out process to complete. Medication, hormones and low androgen levels can also result in hair loss or different hair growth rates.

Timing is important and that applies to many things in life. Do you want silky smooth balls for the summer or are you in the mood to experiment with various manscaping styles? You will find a BALLS Trimmer your new best friend in the bathroom because you can get a smooth sack whenever you choose.

The average growth rate of pubic hair is about ⅛-inch each week, although this varies from person to person. This might not sound like a lot but it does add up to an entire inch (or 2½cm) every other month.

A Handy Manscaping Routine Guide


Shaving your ‘nads is a delicate process, but as long as you have the best tools for the job and enough time to do it carefully, you should be fine. If you’re new to all of this, here is a trimming routine you can follow:

1. Prep and set up

Choose where you’re going to do the deed. We recommend the bathroom for obvious reasons. Trim your pubes during your shower using the completely waterproof BALLS Trimmer. 

The shower is the best place to do this because it stimulates blood flow, lubricates the skin and opens your pores, so the blade can glide effortlessly across the skin without snags, cuts or nicks. 

Oh, and cleanup is easy as well, so long as you remember to pick those pubes out of the plughole afterwards.

2. Get comfy

It’s a good tactic to get in the right frame of mind before manscaping your balls. Put on your favourite music, light a candle and relax. Once you’re comfortable you can move on to the next step.

3. Choose your technique

There’s more than one way to shave your balls. You can choose from the hover technique or the pulling technique, for one, but it’s important to use steady, slow strokes and be careful, especially if you’re new to manscaping your privates.

So now you know not only why you might like to trim your balls but how to do it like a pro. 

Whether you’re planning to pick up a beach babe or two, or you simply want a clean, fresh, cool feeling down there, grab your BALLS Trimmer and get ready for your brand new look!

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