Hair Removal Cream For Men

Hair Removal Cream For Men - BALLS

Waxing can be a hassle, as well as painful. An up close shave with a razor can leave you with ingrown hairs, cuts and red bumps. And if you aren’t nimble with an electric trimmer you might be someone who needs a good hair removal cream.  Hair removal cream,  also known as depilatory creams, are powerful products that can  remove unwanted hair easily and quickly. They work by using active ingredients (sometimes VERY active–very potent and chemically smelling) to break down the structure of your hair so that the strands can easily be wiped away. 

As with any grooming product, picking the right formula and brand is essential to achieving excellent results. Below, you will find a list of creams that you may want to try, as well as some pros and cons to consider. The goal here is hair-free, smooth skin with as little fuss as possible. 

Let’s start off with a classic name brand. Nad’s hair removal cream for “Down Under”. This cream boasts a four to ten minute leave on time with no pain. Like all hair removal creams, you apply a generous amount and leave it on for the recommended time, then wipe off with a damp cloth followed by rinsing the area completely with water. Nad’s is suitable for all hair types. The bottle of cream for down under is a small 5.1 ounce bottle. If you have difficulty with hard-to-reach places, you may need a partner to help you out. 

Next up, is Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin. This is a significantly larger bottle because it is formulated for all body hair. Chest, back, arms, legs, and underarms. It is dermatologically tested and works close to the unwanted hair root to remove hair of all lengths and thicknesses. 

Another hair removal cream option is No Hair Crew Intimate Hair Removal Cream. This cream comes in as “Amazon’s Choice” and takes only three minutes. Their products have been extensively tested by dermatologists and claim to be safe for all your intimate bits including butt crack, balls, and nether regions. It contains natural ingredients such as ginseng root, rosemary leaf, and sunflower seed oil that help with inflammation, retain moisture, and maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

If you choose to try a hair removal cream, it is always best to trim your hair BEFORE applying the cream. Otherwise, it is more difficult to get the cream to the root of the hair and things can become messy. 

Make sure your electric trimmer isn’t cheap and flimsy. Something like the BALLS trimmer is ideal because it is made with high quality ceramic blades that cut through thick groin hair like a hot knife through a cold plate of butter. It’s waterproof and comes with an adjustable guard so you can choose how closely you want to shave before applying your hair removal cream of choice.

Stay safe, stay clean, and get the most out of your balls out there, boys.