7 Facts about the Balls Trimmer

7 Facts about the Balls Trimmer - BALLS

If you’ve bought a BALLS Trimmer, you’ll be excited about using it for the first time, but there are some things to know before you get started. 

Fans of this manscaping tool all over the world have come up with some questions about the product. So, before you start trimming, read on to discover 7 important facts about this game-changing trimmer.


1. What is the charging time of the BALLS Trimmer?

This trimmer takes around 4 or 5 hours to fully charge, which isn’t so long when you think about how smooth your balls are going to be after using it. While it’s charging the light will flash red. Once that stops, it’s fully charged and ready for use.


2. How long will a full charge last?

The rechargeable battery on a BALLS Trimmer will last up to an hour from one charge, so you can use it several times before recharging it again. Well, depending on how long you’ve been growing out your pubes of course!


3. How do you change the trimmer blades?

You’ll find it easy to change the blades because they just snap in and out. Clean the rust-proof stainless steel blades whenever you wish. They also repel oil and dirt to minimise irritation.


4. Is the BALLS Trimmer waterproof?

Yes, it’s completely waterproof, so you can use it in the shower. The only thing to watch out for is a buildup of pubes down the shower plughole which you should clean out.


5. What are the trimming guards for?

You will get a 3/4mm and a 5/6mm trimming guard with your trimmer. This allows you to choose your preferred length. 

Although some guys prefer not to use either of the guards, because they prefer a very close shave, it’s up to you whether or not you use one. Everyone has their own preferred shaving closeness level.


6. Is the trimmer suitable for other body parts?

Despite the name, this trimmer can be used all over the body, wherever you have unwanted hair. You can even use it on your bum!


7. What type of charger does it come with?

The BALLS trimmer comes with a USB rechargeable charger so you can use your laptop or phone plug to charge it up, making it easy to travel with and have super-smooth balls wherever you go!