How Quickly Does Pubic Hair Grow?

How Quickly Does Pubic Hair Grow? - BALLS

If you’ve shaved off your pubes and you’re surprised to see stubble a day or so later, you shouldn’t be. Pubes can grow back quicker than you might think. 

Even if you go for something like waxing (ouch) the hair is going to come back again, albeit a little slower than if you’d used a razor.

Before you take a BALLS Trimmer to your Wolverine-like bush, let’s find out exactly how fast pubes grow back. But first, why would you trim or shave your pubic hair?


You know how something like a new haircut or tailored suit can make you feel like a million pounds? Well, shaving down below can also make you feel good. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when taking care of your appearance and yes, this includes between the legs. So shave your sack and enjoy feeling clean, fresh and confident.

Love Life

Let’s just imagine you’re on a date with someone you really like and you end up back at her place. Would you really want your huge, unkempt bush to destroy the mood? 

About 64% of women prefer trimmed pubes over long ones, according to research. Taking care of trimming your pubes can reduce genital odour, make your danglies look bigger and your partner will probably prefer to ‘get closer’ if there is no Wolverine-like bush to tackle first.

Freshness and Cleanliness

Long pubes can lead to crabs (pubic lice) as well as trapped bacteria. Of course, these make it more difficult to stay hygienic and smell and look fresh down there.

Even if you aren’t in need of a confidence boost and you’re not going on a hot date, you are sure to feel fresh and clean after a good manscaping trim!

Pubic Hair Growth Speed

Pubic hair grows in the same pattern as all the other hair on your body. This pattern has three different phases: growing, stagnating and falling out. A cycle takes between 30 and 44 days.

Your pubes will grow back about ⅛-inch a week or around a centimetre every three weeks. This is the average amount and your rate of regrowth might be different.

There are other factors that can affect how fast your pubes grow back including medication and hormones. Men with reduced androgens can experience baldness and hair loss. 

Head hair can take up to 7 years to fall out. So when you see your pubes growing back after a day or so, this can make you wonder why they grow quicker than the hair on your head. 

These are the total growth measurements you can expect after a certain amount of time:

  • 1 month: 1.27cm
  • 2 months: 2.54cm
  • 6 months: 7.62cm
  • 1 year: 15.24cm

If you think that’s long, you might be interested to know that Maori Vi in South Africa had the longest pubic hair on record at 71cm long! At least she could keep her thighs warm (not that you’d struggle to keep warm in Africa).

How Often to Shave Your Pubes

The answer to this question really depends on what you’re aiming for. If you want to be clean-shaven, shaving every 3 days might suit you. You will need a BALLS Trimmer, a mirror and a torch.

Or how about a modern-looking trim? This entails a light shave every week with your trimmer for an effortless appearance.

Now if you like to grow out your pubic hair, you might prefer to grow it out for a month between each trim. Whichever kind of trim suits you best, the reliable and capable BALLS Trimmer will keep your danglies in tip-top shape, looking and feeling fresh, clean and smooth.