Why The Archibald?

It’s not just about grooming; it’s about bringing precision and care to every detail of your routine. The Archibald stands as the epitome of ball trimming and shaving excellence, backed by BALLS™ commitment to quality and innovation.

Plus, our optional easy-to-use blade subscription gets you the perfect blades right when you need them. (We recommend every three months, but you’re the boss.)

Upgrade Your Routine

Say goodbye to ordinary grooming tools. The Archibald provides an unmatched ball shaving experience, designed for those who value their appearance and comfort. Make The Archibald by BALLS™ your choice for a perfect shave, every time.

If you have any questions before you invest in one, reach out to hello@balls.co. A quick gander at our reviews will make it clear how committed we are to making things right.

Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews
Jerrie Zanes

Super pleased. Best designed shaver I've ever seen. It fits my hand beautifully, it works perfectly out of the box. I hope you'll get a base that charges but that's not really a big deal. Thumbs up!

Valerie Bourguignon
Vraiment très pratique

Bonne prise en main , la lumière est vraiment un plus très pratique et les différentes hauteurs de coupe parfait bref je l’ai adopté et offerte à une amie

Michael T.
Strong customer focus

I loved the packaging. I loved the humor. And the product definitely met my expectations. Would recommend!

Quality Product

Quality product and packaging, delivering a really close and comfortable shave. Excellent value for money, topped off with a great sense of humour. Need I say more!

Phil byrne

I love it, I had the first one that came out several years ago. I have one little issue, while the blades for the Archibald fit older models, the 17 replacement blades I had for my previous balls shaver do not fit the Archibald.
You can tell me until you are blue in the face it’s due to making the Archibald ‘sleeker’, but we both know you want me to buy the new blades 💯%