Itchy Balls After Shaving

Itchy Balls After Shaving - BALLS


You're a man of the 21st century and shaving your balls is part of your weekly grooming routine. But what about that pesky problem of the after-shave itch and irritation?

If this isn't a problem you deal with, it probably means you've invested in a quality trimmer and have learned how to treat your sensitive areas...sensitively. Or, it might mean you actually don't shave your balls at all and just tell your friends that you do.

With so many great products on the market, razor burn should be a thing of the past. Itching after shaving, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and irritated skin is probably only happening to middle school boys who are shaving their pubic area for the first time with cheap shaving cream and mom's razor.

Just in case you are still experiencing this very unfortunate feeling, this article will help eliminate itchy balls after shaving in the future.

What are itchy balls?

Some people claim that a few days after shaving their pubic hair, and the hair begins to grow back in, they will experience itching and irritation. But this doesn't have to be the case. You just need to be educated on what those hair follicles need in order to stay happy.

Whether you shave your balls in the shower, on your back patio, or in the locker room, here are a few tips and tricks to avoid itching after shaving.

Reasons your balls might be itchy after shaving.

First, let's start with some of the reasons you might have itchy balls in the first place. Obviously, if you are shaving incorrectly or heaven forbid, using a dull razor, itching after shaving will occur and can cause skin irritation.

Or maybe your girlfriend gifted you some strong smelling product that contains artificial scents and harsh chemicals. She meant well...but your junk isn't meant for that garbage. Your jewels need to be treated with great care. They are jewels, after all.

Follicultitis and Dry Shaving

Sometimes, itching after shaving may be a sign of razor burn or even a condition called folliculitis. Folliculitis happens when a hair follicle becomes infected or inflamed, causing a skin condition that often looks like acne. If you are crazy enough to dry shave your balls, you will most certainly experience inflammation with upset hair follicles and itchy balls. Not fun.

Shaving Technique

Another reason reason you might be experiencing uncomfortable itchiness is that you are shaving too quickly. This is something most men don't think about when shaving their pubic hair. Slow down. Take your time, if you can. Treat your grooming routine as a time to relax and meditate. Your skin will thank you.


There's also the age-old issue of fabric rubbing. When you shave your balls, the fabric can rub up against your shaved scrotal skin and make the irritation feel worse, especially if you live in hot and humid climates.

Jock Itch

One more issue related to irritation, itch, and pain in your groin area is the is the issue of jock itch or bacteria infection. Failing to wash your clothes and body on a regular basis could contribute to the scrotum shuffle.

How to prevent Itching after shaving your balls

In order to prevent those unsightly red bumps and awkward itches while still getting rid of "hair down there", here is a list of six rules for your sensitive area. Let's keep that sack safe!

Trim Longer Hairs

Before you shave your balls, it helps to trim all the hairs longer than half an inch. You can use a hand mirror so you don’t miss those hard-to-see places. Be sure to use a trimmer specifically designed for sensitive areas like your balls.

Don’t Shave While the Skin is Dry

Avoid shaving your pubic area when the skin is too dry. Take a hot shower and let your balls soak in the water, this gives your skin more moisture and opens your pores, making hairs easy to shave.

Use a Trimmer Specifically Designed for Balls

You probably agree that the genital area is among the most sensitive areas of your body. That’s why shaving your balls using ordinary razors won’t guarantee excellent results. Your best bet would be an electric trimmer designed specifically for balls.

Condition Your Balls

Be sure to use a hair conditioner or shaving cream before shaving your balls. It should be specifically formulated for sensitive skin. You want to avoid using bar soap or shower gel lather on the hair you plan to shave. There are so many great moisturizers and creams on the market that won't irritate your skin. Use non-comedogenic washes and lotions, these won't clog up your pores and lead to spots, no one likes a spotted dick - maybe except the British.

Shave in the Direction of Your Hair

It’s good practice to stretch your scrotum taut and ensure you shave in the direction your hair grows. Take your time and ensure you shave correctly, this will give you a more extended period between shaves and reduce the chances of itching and discomfort.

Use After-Shave

After you’re done shaving your balls, use a cooling gel to soothe your skin. Choose an specially formulated for balls and other intimate areas, like our soothing ball lotion. Remember, no harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of alcohol that can dry your scrotum and pubic region.

Our BALLS Lotion is SackSafe, Sulfate and paraben free so your balls won't get dry and irritated plus its made with some soothing ingredients such as Eucalyptus to keep everything clam and cool down there! 


Never have itchy balls after shaving again

By following these guidelines, you should be able to entirely avoid irritation to your balls as well as all the skin on and around your sack. Not only will you avoid itchy balls after shaving, you will have less hair for bacteria to latch onto. You'll feel fresh, clean, smooth, moisturized, and can focus on all the other balls you have to juggle in life.

While whether or not you choose to shave the skin in your pubic region is a personal choice, you still need to be educated and empowered to do so correctly if and when the time comes. We all deserve to be free of itchiness and infection and have smooth balls.