How to Shave Your Balls the Right Way

How to Shave Your Balls the Right Way - BALLS
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Manscaping isn’t something to rush into blindly - those balls deserve to be handled with care.

That means choosing the best trimmer or shaver for the job and also taking your time with the actual shaving, especially if you’re a newbie to grooming your nether regions.

First the Prep

It’s important to be relaxed and comfortable before you begin. Get into a position suitable for shaving. This could be with one foot on the toilet or tub or in the shower. Obviously, somewhere private is preferable!

Many guys like to shave in the shower, since it’s so convenient and the BALLS Trimmer is completely waterproof.

Unless your pubes are less than 1cm, it’s best to trim your fuzz before using the shaver. This will make it much easier to shave. There are no prizes for speed when it comes to manscaping, so trim your hair first and you’ll be glad you did.

Another key step in the prep is to make sure your nuts are warm. You can lubricate the skin, open the pores and stimulate blood flow in the shower, to help the blade slide easily across your balls.

Time to Get Started

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Once you’re fully prepped, you can begin to shave. Bear in mind about 1 in 4 people have injured themselves at least once while trimming their pubes and the scrotum is the most common area for guys to suffer a mid-trim mishap.

If you’re thinking of using a rusty razor, or even a normal blade, think again. The BALLS Trimmer has SackSafe technology to ensure you get a close shave without the risk of cuts or snags.

Pick a Method

You can choose between the pulling technique for the smoothest shave or the hover technique for the safest shave. Let’s look at the differences.

If the most important thing to you is a super-smooth finish, try the pulling technique. You will need to get the boys taut and flat by moving the skin around so you don’t have any snags. Use slow strokes.

Your other option is the hover technique and, if you’re in a hurry, this might be the best option. You can use a BALLS Trimmer and get a close shave without the blade coming into contact with your skin.

The ceramic blade trims the pubes closely, leaving just a tiny bit of hair there. The risk of a cut or nick is practically zero.

Treat your balls with care, using steady, slow strokes. Go too fast and you are going to risk injuring the little fellas, so take your time.the only tool for your jewels

Time to Rinse Off

Now all you have to do is rinse off and maybe add a little post-shaving balm. Then enjoy your newly smooth balls!