How to Prepare Yourself Before Having Sex

How to Prepare Yourself Before Having Sex - BALLS

Let’s set the scene. Dinner and drinks have gone well and she’s agreed to come to yours for, ahem, let’s say coffee. You’re thinking sexy times are on the way but wait - don’t get too confident just yet. 


Preparing for sex takes some forward planning and effort. There is plenty to think about before getting down and dirty with her for the first time. 


Should you clean your room? Change the sheets? Shave your danglies or maybe just give them a bit of a trim? Read on for some top tips about getting ready for date night.


Clean the Bedroom


Women tend to be detail-oriented while men have tunnel vision. A room full of old pizza takeaway boxes and laundry piles might be perfectly conducive to a man who’s been vibing with a special someone but women will likely be put off by those dirty socks hanging over the end of the bed.


It’s a good idea to clean your room before inviting her back (or even if there’s a remote possibility she might come back with you) and this means top to bottom, not just picking up the laundry piles and moving them somewhere she isn’t likely to look.


So empty the bin, put your clothes back in the wardrobe and run the Hoover around. Even if she doesn’t end up coming back with you, at least you’re going to have a clean house which isn’t a bad thing! It’s better than the other way round - not cleaning up at all and then having unexpected company and regretting not having a bit of a clear up beforehand!


Wash the Sheets


Everyone loves freshly washed, crisp sheets and a quick spritz of aftershave on the bed will not do. You might like to invest in some high quality bedding. Either way, make sure your sheets are fresh and clean. Clean sheets are always inviting while smelly sheets are definitely not. Again, washing them regularly is a good habit to get into.


Clean Out the Car


It doesn’t matter how fresh your sheets are or how tidy your room is. If your car is full of empty cans and junk and so grimy outside you could write your name in the dirt, it’s time to head to a carwash. 


While you’re there, you might as well grab a hanging car air freshener, and maybe some condoms too. 


Add Romance with Some Scented Candles


Candles are ideal to create a seductive atmosphere. If you’re using the scented kind, pick something subtle like vanilla or rose. These will make your room smell good as well as setting the right ambiance. 


If you’re not into candles for whatever reason, remember you can get the fake kind. They won’t smell like candles do, but they do have a flickering ‘flame’ and look pretty. Girls do like that kind of thing!


Trim or Shave Your Balls


Now your car and home look and smell good, it’s time to ensure you’re up to date with your manscaping. This is actually one of the most important things to do. It doesn’t matter how pristine your house or apartment is. If you haven’t taken the time to manscape, you will regret it later! 


You will certainly want to ensure you’re looking good down there and this means giving the fellas a good trim. You don’t have to remove all the hair unless you want to. If you do, that’s fine. If not, you just have to groom. 


Rather than risk the nicks and cuts of shaving the boys with a blade, consider the BALLS Trimmer with SackSafe technology to ensure you have the smoothest balls. 


Let’s say your pubes are bushy and caveman-esque. You can leave them that way. After all, some girls and some guys too like that look. You can trim them with a pair of scissors. Or you can decide to get them looking as good as possible by using a trimmer.


Now, if they’re very long to start with, you can cut them a bit shorter with the scissors and then hop into the shower with a waterproof trimmer to finish off the job. 


You can use the guard which comes with a BALLS trimmer if you want to go for a short look or even remove it and shave with the trimmer to get rid of all the hair. A hairless finish makes certain things look larger too, since they aren’t covered with tufts of hair. 


The good things about using a trimmer are no pain, no risk of nicks or cuts, and you can choose exactly how long (or short) to trim your pubes. Once you’ve done that and cleaned the house, everything is done and you can relax. And now you’re all ready for date night!