How to Shave Your Butt Hair for Summer Holidays 🌞

How to Shave Your Butt Hair for Summer Holidays 🌞 - BALLS

Butt hair. It’s a pain in the butt– yep, literally. Ass hair might be a bit awkward to talk about with the lads but let’s face it: we’ve all got it, its perfectly normal, and when it comes to grooming, it’s an absolute minefield knowing how to do it safely...or even if you should bother in the first place. So let’s start with the basics:

Why Should I Trim Butt Hair?

There’s no right or wrong here. Some guys are down with a hairy anus, swamp ass whatever you wanna call it and that’s cool. But butt itch during a heatwave because the butt hair down there is getting so matted, you’re at risk of anal dreadlocks? Well, that’s just one reason you might be thinking about shaving your butt hair. More butt hair means more sweat, so a smooth and hair-free anus is a no-brainer for plenty of people. And don’t even get us started on dingleberries... (yeah, we did just go there)

From an aesthetic point of view, looking neat and tidy down can only be a good thing for your sex life. You shave your balls and trim your pubes, so why shouldn't your butt hair be manscaped too.

Whatever your reason for wanting to shave your body hair between your butt cheeks, it’s important to make sure you go in with the right prep and the right tools, as the area is incredibly sensitive. Do NOT be hasty here, we're trying to minimize irritation, razor burn and bum cuts are no joke. Keep reading to find out how to shave your butt hair safely.

"Looking neat and tidy down can only be a good thing for your sex life."

How To Shave Your Butt Hair with a Trimmer

1. Have a shower

Before you rush to the razor, make sure your junk is clean. We all know what goes on in this area, so we don’t need to remind you about the importance of making sure that bacteria don’t spread. We recommend hopping into a hot shower and using mild soap and water. The warm water will also help to soften the hairs and open the pores and hair follicles, making it easier to shave and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. While we’re on the topic of cleanliness, the same goes for your choice of shaving equipment, too: use a clean electric razor.

2. Find the right angle

This will be different for everyone. The most important thing is to find a comfortable position that allows you to reach your bum properly. Take some time to make sure you’re stable – you do NOT want to slip and rip yourself a new butthole, ok? Pop a squat or try propping one leg up on the side of a bath or heavy chair. You might even want to position yourself over a mirror, if you have a handheld mirror grab that bad boy or put yourself in front of a mirror to make things easier. It won’t be pretty, but now’s not the time for vanity.

"Find a position that is comfortable and allows you to reach your butt properly" 

3. Hold the skin taut

Right, time to get stuck in and start shaving. Once you’ve cleaned up with soap, use one hand to pull your cheeks apart and hold the skin taut. The fewer crevices, the better, so don’t be shy. Spread those cheeks #livingyourbestlife.

4. Shave using careful strokes

You’ve come this far, so now is not the time to rush. Shave the area very slowly and carefully using small, light strokes. The Balls™ Archibald Trimmer is a body groomer designed to handle sensitive areas removing hair without causing irritation, which is a better option than a safety razor to navigate the crevices of your ass. Be sure to rinse the blade every few strokes to avoid a build-up of hair. This will make it easier to go over things a couple of times to ensure you’ve not missed any patches.

"Be sure to rinse the blade every few strokes to avoid a build-up of hair" 

5. Rinse, dry, and soothe

Once you’re satisfied, you’ve covered everything, rinse the area thoroughly and pat dry. After we recommend using a gentle soothing balm such as our BALLS Lotion, for an additional cooling effect, put it in the fridge beforehand. Trust us; your ass will love it.

New hair growth and thus stubble will inevitably begin over the next few days, so try using some talcum powder after showering to keep things dry and friction-free between the skin of your butt cheeks. It’s a satisfying feeling that every man should experience on his freshly shaved cheeks!

Oh, and speaking of grooming, have you heard about The Archibald Trimmer?

The newly-released Archibald from BALLS™ features precision blades, ergonomic design and a no-slip grip. It's waterproof and comes with its own carry strap for use on the go. 

Managing your intimate hair - whether it's a quick snip or a full Brazilian - has rarely been this easy. With three colors (Blue, Black, and Mauve) the Archibald fits whatever your style may be. 

If you don't like it, send it back, guaranteed. How sweet is that?

Common Mistakes

  • Don’t be bullish. It’s not about just ‘getting it done. This ain’t Brexit, yeah? Be extra careful, your butt will appreciate it!

  • Don’t shave if you haven’t got the time to do a proper job. Call of Duty can wait. And really, *this* is your call of duty. Rushing will create mistakes, and mate – there is NO margin of error when it comes to shaving your anus. 

  • If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed about getting up close and personal with your crack, just get to know it. Find out what its favorite show is on Netflix or something. And remember: MOST PEOPLE (EVERYONE), MAN AND WOMAN, HAVE BUTT HAIR BETWEEN THEIR CHEEKS.

Other Methods of Butt Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Many men are looking for a more permanent solution for hair removal for their butt hair, you have a couple of options. Laser hair removal uses pulses of powerful laser beams to vaporize the hair follicle.

Laser hair removal requires a few sessions, is expensive, and is quite painful. I mean it's literally a laser zapping your ass but you will have a smooth ass without any hair growth for the rest of your days.


If you've visited our TikTok, we recently interviewed Ella an aesthetician from a Salt Lake City waxing parlor. She said she has many male clients who get their ass, back, and crack waxed.

Waxing has become a popular method of hair removal with guys who maybe want to experience pain and a smooth, smooth ass. Joking ass-ide there are many benefits to waxing over traditional shaving. Waxing removes the hair follicle, like it's literally ripped out of your skin, so growth takes a lot longer.

In waxing, the aesthetician like Ella will apply warm wax to the area and let it cool so the wax can stick to the hair and deep into the follicle. so once the aesthetician tears it off the hair will be removed through waxing.

Before going to these parlors make sure you've showered and you've hosed that hole!
My friends who have done this have said the more you get hair removal through waxing the longer it takes to grow back, plus it's smoother and has no razor rash!

If you’ve decided to give bum shaving a go, hopefully by now you’re feeling much more confident and equipped. It might not be the most glamorous of jobs but it’s a small price to pay for a smooth and tidy crack. 

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams such as Nair, can be used on your butt for removing hair. These creams work by using alkaline chemicals to break down a protein called Keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes your hair strong and gives it structure. Without kertain your hair turns into a gelatinous kind of goo, which is what happens when you apply hair removal cream down there.

With hair removal creams, you apply to the area. Don't get it near your butthole or your sack, as the skin there is too damn sensitive and you'll feel the burn. Not a nice gym burn but a sad sack burn. Also don't touch anything else like wiping the sweat off your forehead, or touching anything other parts of your body with hair. You'll regret it!

Once applied wait 10 minutes, and then scrape it off with the scraper that's provided with the cream.

You'll need to wash thoroughly after as hair tends to keep falling off. Hair removal cream is stanky due to the alkaline chemicals and breakdown of keratin from your pubic hair. The smell can linger on you for a day or two, especially in those areas.

To summarise, find a technique that works for you. Wether it be waxing, trimming, or the laser, we've got your back (and your balls!)

Tommy Buckley

Tommy Buckley Blog Contributor