7 Reasons You Should Be Shaving Your Balls

7 Reasons You Should Be Shaving Your Balls - BALLS


Why on earth would you want to shave your balls? Well, the answer is pretty simple: it's better for your health and your love life. Don't believe me? Here are seven reasons why you should be shaving your balls today:

1. Reduces the smell

The first reason to shave your balls is that it'll reduce the smell of...your swamp crotch. It’s a simple fact: balls are a natural part of the body, but they can get smelly if you don't keep them clean.

Shaving your testicles will allow for more air circulation around your groin area and help prevent any foul smells from developing. In addition, it makes cleaning up after you pee or sweat much easier—reducing odors from urine and sweat build-up on unshaved skin surfaces even further!

2. Less bacteria

You might be thinking, "This guy is putting a lot of faith in the power of shaving to make my balls less smelly." And you're right. But not just any razor will do. Shaving your balls will reduce their odor-causing bacteria (which, by the way, are mainly found on the area between your testicles) and keep them smelling fresh. Plus, if you have a high-quality electric trimmer specifically designed for 'care down there' like the BALLS Trimmer, your skin won't get irritated when you take care of business down there.

3. More attractive

Shaving your balls makes you more attractive to women, and it also makes you more attractive to other men. You see, a man's testicles are his most powerful sexual signal—they're what make him a man. And when you shave them off? That sends a message that says "I'm interested in sex," which means you'll be ready to rumble whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

A shaved scrotum also conveys confidence and maturity (because only confident adults have time for grooming), so it can have an effect on other men as well. A shorn sack shows that you won't be intimidated by another guy's genitals or let them intimidate yours—it's kind of like the first rule of Fight Club: if someone attacks your nuts, kick them in return; but instead of fighting back with fists and weapons, fight back with the BALLS TRIMMER

4. Your main member looks taller

Trimming the hedges around Big Ben is going to make Big Ben look even bigger. The same is true for your family jewels. The shorter the bushes, the more the main event will stand out. All you have to do is take a few short minutes with the waterproof BALLS trimmer and you'll be standing loud and proud. 

So, not only will you smell less and be more hygienic, you will LOOK BIGGER AND BETTER.

5. Less painful to your partner

You'll be surprised to learn that shaving your balls is not painful. In fact, it's far less painful than any of the other options available to you, including plucking and waxing your nether regions. While shaving your face might feel like it's taking off a layer of skin each time you go at it with a razor blade, shaving your balls feels more like petting a puppy after he's just woken up from a nap—not painful at all!

Not only does trimming your testicles remove hair painlessly and quickly (there are no ingrown hairs!), but it also makes them look extra smooth and shiny when they're shaved close. Think about how soft a hairless cat feels when you run your hand over it. Well, now imagine the same feeling on your own genitals! It's pretty magical stuff (and this is coming from someone who has never actually touched a hairless cat. Ha! )

6. Confidence boost

  • You'll be more confident in the bedroom.

A unshaved scrotum is an unattractive sight, and it can make you feel self-conscious when taking off your pants with a girl around. Get rid of this issue by shaving your balls, so she can admire them as much as you do!

  • You'll be more attractive in the bedroom
  • You'll feel less embarrassed in public
  • You'll feel more confident in a bathing suit

When you're in the middle of an awkward situation, like peeing at a urinal next to some dude who's staring holes into your crotch, having smooth balls will help make things less uncomfortable for everyone involved.

7. It's an empowering little secret

Shaving your balls, wether completely bald with a sharp razor after using your BALLS trimmer (PLEASE, BE CAREFUL) or trimming them high and tight, it's like you are walking around with a powerful little secret. You know you are ready for action at any moment. You feel FRESH, you feel attractive, and you smell great. It's a serotonin boost!


If done correctly and with the best tools for the best buzz in the biz (HINT: It's the BALLS trimmer), there truly is no downside to buzzing your balls. It's a no-brainer that just makes sense and should be part of every man's grooming routine.