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Nuestras cuchillas de cerámica de alta calidad y el protector SackSafe™ son una combinación perfecta. Fácil de usar y preinstalado, con longitudes ajustables, este emparejamiento es intuitivo desde el primer momento. La herramienta más segura, más sencilla y, sin embargo, de alguna manera la mejor para el trabajo: es mágica.

Además, nuestra suscripción opcional a hojas fácil de usar te ofrece las hojas perfectas justo cuando las necesitas. (Recomendamos cada tres meses, pero tú eres el jefe).

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Cualquier idiota puede construir una recortadora, pero se necesita un tipo especial de idiota para llamarlo BALLS. Pero así somos nosotros: nuestros fans nos aman porque nos preocupamos tanto por sus pelotas que nos pusimos su nombre.

Por lo tanto, si alguna vez no estás satisfecho con tu compra o simplemente tienes dudas antes de realizar una, ponte en contacto con Si echas un vistazo rápido a nuestras reseñas comprobarás cuán comprometidos estamos con hacer las cosas bien.

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Customer Reviews

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I'm used to trimming down there but this shaver is awesome, smooth as can be. Got too confident and got a nick but that was my own fault for rushing. If you want smooth balls then get this trimmer you won't be disappointed. My favorite product is the soaps! I will definitely order more.

My balls love BALLS

My balls have never felt better since using BALLS. I would definitely recommend this product. Cool design, great functionality at a decent price.

Half bought as a joke but now actually just love it

I’d been wanting to buy a razor for down there for a while and saw the TikToks and thought fuck it why not, and honestly it has given me one of, if not the best shave I’ve ever had. It was quick and smooth and my favorite part is how quiet the machine actually is. 10/10 good job boys.

A great trimmer overall

Good things:

Clear instructions for use
Lasts a decent amount of time before the need for charging
Seems to be a high quality build (used 4 times so far)
Ergonomic with a non-slip grip
Waterproof so can use in the shower
Works effectively without any nicks so far (used without the guards too)
Good value in my opinion

Stuff to be improved:

A battery charge indicator would be helpful. At times it has just depleted the battery & there’s no warning
A light may be helpful, but not essential if in a well lit space
The charging port is a specific one that can’t be used with other devices. Not sure if this is a generic shaver charging port, but I don’t have anything else that can use this cable

Overall excellent, does the job & id highly recommend


The trimmer is amazing
By far the best product I have used for my downstairs -
Great packaging
Super fast delivery
Lotion is really fresh too

Very impressed
Definitely worth the money !!