Painful Nut Shots to Make You Wince

Painful Nut Shots to Make You Wince - BALLS
The only thing for your jewels

Which sport do you associate most with injury to the balls? If you’re thinking cricket, you’re right, but this isn’t the only sport where your sack might take an unwelcome whack. 

Football also tends to have its fair share of cringeworthy nut shots. Read on (if you dare!) to learn about 6 terrible sports moments which are sure to make your eyes water!

Double-Header by Alex Hale

Hale will never forget the match on August 8th this year when he suffered not just one but two balls landing in the nuts. Talk about unlucky!

Blocked by Connor Roberts

Perhaps not his wisest decision, Roberts managed to block the ball with his own balls during a match against Turkey. 

This is another one which will probably have your eyes watering and we’re willing to be this Welsh Superstar might think twice next time the ball is hurtling in his direction.

Semi Radrada’s Painful Nut Shot

Cast your mind back to the pre-pandemic days before Covid-19 and you might recall when Semi Radrada suffered a nut injury during a game of rugby. We’re sure every man watching almost felt that!

Deliberate Groin Grab

Not every bollock-related incident is accidental. Joe Marler grabbed Alun Wyn Jones by the ‘nads during the Six Nations clash between Wales and England. Understandably upset by this, Jones even wanted World Rugby to get involved and take action.

A Special Kick for the Goalie

Remember when Flamengo’s goalie, Paul Victor, took a whack to the sack from an opponent’s cleat? I’m sure none of us envied him at that particular moment.


Taking Two for the Team

designed with your junk in mind

The commentators tried (but failed) to restrain their mirth when Liam Livingstone took not just one but two ball shots during a Melbourne Renegades vs. Perth Scorchers match.

Most players choose to wear protective gear ‘just in case’ but that doesn’t mean zero risk of injury. Cricket might look like a tame sport but those speedy flying cricket balls can act as potential missiles for the crown jewels.

So if you want to keep your balls safe, you might like to reconsider a future in sports or just stick to being a spectator. And if you want your balls super-smooth and cool as well as being safe, take a look at the hugely popular BALLS trimmer and you will definitely see what all the fuss is about!