Ear Hair Removal For Men

Ear Hair Removal For Men - BALLS
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Every guy has hair and some of us might prefer more of it on our heads. But ear hair is another matter entirely. If you are having to shave, wax, tweeze or trim your ear hairs on a daily basis, you might be wondering whether there is a better way.

Ear hair is perfectly normal and healthy but that doesn’t mean it’s going to do much for your love life. If you aren’t bothered by ear hair that’s all well and good but if you’re one of the millions of guys who’d rather have less, read on to learn about various ear hair removal methods.

We grow hair inside and outside our ears and, even if there’s plenty of it, ear hair tends to be harmless. Long hairs on the outer ear are a rarity unless you’re from India or Sri Lanka, but ear fuzz is something that many guys would prefer to remove, from the outside of the ear in particular.

85% prefer a groomed partner

Why Do We Grow Ear Hair?

As men get older they usually see increased nose hair and ear hair and doctors believe this might be due to an increase in testosterone which makes it thicker and coarser as it greys.

Some ear hair has a purpose because inner ear hair, combined with earwax, helps keep debris and dirt out of your eardrums. Go further into the ear canal, where it’s filled with fluid, and you will find tiny hairs that help you keep your balance and to hear. 

As you move, the fluid in the ear moves with you, bending the hairs so your body knows where it is and you don’t get dizzy and disorientated. This is why you don’t want to remove too much ear hair!

Removing Ear Hair

If you’re tired of the appearance of ear hair, the excess wax that tends to build up and get caught in it and the feel of it, there are various reasons why removing ear hair is a priority to many guys. 

Perhaps you’ve tried some of the following ear hair removal methods:

  • Shaving: If you have a razor and shaving cream you can shave unwanted hair off your ears. However, this isn’t a long-lasting method and the hair might be back in a day or so. Also, you run the risk of cutting yourself. Another reason shaving isn’t the best ear hair removal method is the razor might irritate your skin and that can cause ingrown hairs. An electric razor designed for the job is your only option for removing hair inside the ear because using a straight razor in the ear is too dangerous.
  • Plucking: Tweezers can be used to pull out individual hairs by the root. This can be pretty painful but your ears will feel smooth afterwards and the hair won’t come back for anywhere between 1 and 8 weeks. Guys usually ask their partner to help them pluck ear hairs since it’s a tricky location to see in the mirror yourself.
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  • Ear trimmers: This is a quick and simple way of removing those unwanted little hairs. There is barely any risk of cutting your skin and you can easily add a minute with ear trimmers into your morning routine. Although ear trimmers are effective and safe, they only cut the hair at skin level so it will grow back within a day or so.
  • Waxing: Waxing your ears can be dangerous unless you know what you’re doing. You can buy kits for waxing on the internet or make an appointment with a professional. Cold wax or hot wax can be used to take the hair off and it shouldn’t grow back for 2 to 8 weeks. Wax is spread over the hair and then it hardens. A paper strip is then applied and this pulls the wax (along with the hair off). Although this isn’t the most comfortable way to get rid of excess ear hair, you might not grow it back for a month or so, so it’s definitely a convenient option.
  • Hair removing cream: Hair removal creams, which are also known as depilatory creams, are another possibility. Always check the ingredients in case you’re allergic to anything and bear in mind some of these depilatories can be irritating to the skin. Never use these creams inside the ear. You can apply it to the outside of the ear and then wait 10 minutes or so before wiping them off. It’s a good idea to wash the outside of your ear afterwards with soap and water since these creams can smell strong and that aroma can linger!
  • Laser hair removal: Although it might take up to 8 sessions to completely eradicate ear hair, laser hair removal targets the hair root and completely destroys it. Yes, it’s a costly option but you’ll never have to get ear hair again!

Is It Safe to Remove Hair from the Ears?

So long as you take the right precautions, it’s perfectly safe to remove ear hair. You can use a trimmer or pluck the hairs in the comfort of your own bathroom or go for professional waxing or laser hair removal treatment. 

Whichever method you choose, you are sure to love the results of your newly de-fuzzed ears!