6 Cringeworthy Nut Shots

6 Cringeworthy Nut Shots - BALLS

When it comes to low blows, you have to give it up for Cricket. There are more sack whacks per game than any other sport. But Cricket isn’t the only sport with a high risk of a low ball.

Whether watching a football match at the pub with your mates or close to the pitch at Twickenham Stadium, sarnie in hand, chances are you’ll witness some serious action with more than one kind of ball. And it’s really not the kind of action your balls are after.

Check out these 6 spectacularly awful moments in sports and see if you physically cringe like we did.  Talk about ball tampering! Here we go.  

1. Alex Hale’s Infamous “Double Header”

   First up-- Just like his number of balls, Alex Hales had not one, but TWO hits in the “ooly gooly woolies” on August 8th of this year.  Twice in one game! It was the two-for-one he definitely wasn’t asking for. Gold medal goes to the announcer for his fully engaged response to the doubly unfortunate incident(s). 

2. Connor Roberts’ Unfortunate Block

  “Right in the Cardiff and swanseas” may have been the best tweet in reaction to Wales Superstar Connor Roberts’ blocking the ball with his balls in a football match against Turkey. I think we all felt that one. OUCH

 3. Slip of the Foot by Semi Radrada 

Let’s go back in time a bit to 2017. Remember that blissfully insignificant year before the pandemic? This nut shot taken by Ricky Januarie of Agen from the foot of Toulon player Semi Radrada was one of the most memorable moments in Rugby of that Covid-free year. I’d like to return to a world where men dropping like sacks after a bullseye hit to the groin is major news.  

 4. “The Great Groin Grab”

It’s one thing to have a Size 5 accidentally bee line it for your balls, but check out this intentional groin grab from Joe Marler during the first half of the Six Nations clash between England and Wales. Alun Wyn Jones was caught with his pants down with this threatening and uncalled for grab of his Twig and Berries. He even wanted World Rugby to take action against this...action. 

 5.Keeper of the Balls Loses It

 Oh, to be a keeper but lose your balls! Paul Victor, Flamengo’s goalkeeper,  took it right in the family jewels with an alarmingly clean kick of his opponent’s cleat. Those cleats just add insult to injury. OOF! Can you say, “YELLOW CARD?”

6. Liam Livingston seeing Double

 “Let’s hope he’s OK. It’s not that funny.” Or is it? The best part about this final blow is how the commentators try to hold back their laughter. Cricket star Liam Livingstone takes TWO for the team in a match between the Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Renegades. Listen to their not-so-sympathetic laughter and see this nut shot for yourself. 

Although most of these players wear protective gear to minimize damage to their bearded bagpipes, there is no promise that they will finish each game unscathed. They take major risks with their crinkly demons each time they step onto the field while we sit in the stands with our safe and secure sacks, yelling at Harry Kane. 

Go ahead and keep scoring for your team in a much safer environment with our Balls trimmer. Your boys will definitely get the kind of action you’re hoping for. Minus the crowd cheering.