Why Your BALLS itch after shaving and what to do about it

Why Your BALLS itch after shaving and what to do about it - BALLS
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Shaving your balls is a regular part of your grooming routine if you’re like a lot of modern men. But eventhough smooth balls can feel nice and fresh, that doesn’t mean the itch that seems to come after shaving is much fun. In fact, some guys try shaving their balls once and the itch puts them right off ever attempting it again!

If you’ve never experienced post-shaving itch on your plums, that probably means you use a high-quality hair trimmer and you’ve learned how to remove the hair gently or perhaps you don’t shave your balls at all which would also avoid the itching issue!

There is no reason to suffer from razor burn now we are in the 21st century. It’s  probably only middle school boys who don’t know any better suffering from itching, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. That can happen when using mum’s razor and a basic shaving cream from the local pound shop - definitely not a good idea!

In case you are struggling with itching after shaving your balls, don’t worry, just read on for some handy tips.

Some folks say they start to itch when the hair starts to grow back several days after shaving while others start to feel that irksome itch pretty much straight away. The good news is whether you’re shaving your balls in the locker room, in the shower, or somewhere more creative, there are various ways to avoid the dreaded itch!

Why Balls Can Itch After Shaving Them

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So what actually causes itching around the nutsack? Using a dull razor or not shaving correctly can cause itching and irritation. Strong-smelling products can contain harsh chemicals and artificial scents and these should be kept well away from your most sensitive area.

Dry shaving can cause itching or even folliculitis which occurs when a hair follicle gets inflamed or infected. Folliculitis looks like acne. Never dry shave your bollocks because you’re going to get itching and possibly something worse!

Chafing is something else that can cause itching balls. Chafing happens when fabric rubs against the skin of your testicles or if you have skin rubbing on skin. It’s especially a problem in hot and humid places. If you already have issues with chafing, there are creams (link here to chafing post? Yes!) which can help prevent it.

Shaving too fast can also result in an itchy scrotum. Take your time if you’re shaving down there instead of rushing the process. Your skin will thank you for treating this part of grooming like a relaxation exercise.

Have you heard of jock itch? This is another issue concerning itching, irritation and sometimes pain in the groin region. Make sure you wash yourself and your clothes regularly and don’t sit around in wet clothes if you get sweaty or caught in the rain.

Tips to Prevent Itchy Balls after Shaving

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Fortunately, you can have super-smooth balls and no itching if you follow these must-know tips:

  1. Trim longer hairs: Before picking up the razor, grab a pair of scissors and trim down any hair over 1cm long. Use a hand mirror so you can see every spot and not miss anything. It’s important to use a trimmer which is designed for sensitive parts of the body such as your crown jewels!
  2. Wet the skin first: Don’t dry shave. Take a shower or bath and make sure your skin gets wet so it can open the pores and absorb moisture. This makes hairs a lot simpler to shave.
  3. Use a ball-friendly trimmer: Many guys are understandably nervous about taking a traditional razor to their sensitive genital area, which is why it’s a good thing there are specially designed electric ball trimmers on the market these days.
  4. Condition your nuts: Whether you use shaving cream or even hair conditioner, it’s important to smother something over the balls before you shave them. Don’t use shower gel or bar soap. Whatever you are using, make sure it’s non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores and lead to irritation or zits.
  5. Shave in the direction of growth: Pull your scrotum until it’s taut and then shave in the direction of hair growth. Don’t rush and make sure you do this step correctly so you can minimise the risk of discomfort or itching and extend the time between shaves.
  6. Aftershave: A cooling gel feels nice on the skin after shaving but make sure you’re using something suitable for sensitive areas like the groin. Too much alcohol or too many harsh chemicals can dry out the skin and cause itching rather than prevent it! We recommend BALLS Lotion. It’s sulphate-free, paraben-free and suitable for use anywhere on the body. Oh, and it’s made with eucalyptus for a cool, clean feeling.

If you follow the above guidelines you will hopefully never suffer from itching or irritated balls again! This applies to the balls plus the surrounding skin. You won’t have excess hair for bacteria to stick to and you will be able to avoid the dreaded itch. You will feel smooth and clean. 

Of course it’s completely up to you whether you want to shave your balls or other parts of your privates but it’s still very wise to learn how to do it properly. Nobody wants itching, irritation or infection, but we do love the fresh, smooth feeling of hair-free balls and so will your partner! (or potential partner)