Best Men's Body Hair Trimmer

Best Men's Body Hair Trimmer - BALLS

Everyone has heard of electric trimmers and some of us have used one. There are many kinds of electric trimmers to choose from. Some are waterproof while others aren’t. Some have ceramic blades while others use steel.

Some are designed so you can use them on any part of the body while others are marketed for certain areas like a balls trimmer, back shaver, or beard trimmer. 

Body hair trimmers vary in terms of what combs, attachments, and blades come with them. Maybe you’re looking for something you can use on any part of the body or you’d prefer something that makes hard-to-reach areas easier to get to.

Body groomers or body trimmers are becoming more popular all the time and there are more types to choose from than ever before; meaning guys can confidently put their best body forward after removing any hair they don’t want.

Let’s take a look at body hair trimmers and find out why they were invented and what exactly they are.

Hair-removing products have been used throughout history in order to improve hygiene as well as personal appearance. Getting rid of body hair meant preventing lice infections as well as deterring other parasites, especially for those who couldn’t bathe often or lived in close quarters.

Hair traps sweat and this means more odours and bacteria can be formed. This is why guys were ‘clean-shaven’ by the turn of the last century, since this look was associated with cleanliness and hygiene.

Of course, fashions, cultural standards and practices have changed over time and the invention and marketing of razors has played a role. Shaving was done using a straight razor made from steel in the 1800s and typically a barber would do this. 

The first safety razor was patented in 1904 by Gillette and this allowed men to safely shave in the comfort of their own homes. Being clean-shaven became fashionable as well as more convenient.

Jacob Schick invented the electric razor in 1930 and this device, known as the ‘Schick Dry Shaver’ meant that shaving soap was no longer needed. This can be considered the first body hair trimmer designed to be used at home. Today there are many brands and types of grooming tools on the market. 

The Manscaped lawn mower, Bodygroom, Braun, Philips, Philips Norelco, Mangroomer, and Remington are just a few examples, and don’t forget the BALLS trimmer too!

How to Choose a Body Trimmer

Getting rid of unwanted hair takes time so you’ll want to pick a device that’s comfortable to hold throughout the process. A good body trimmer for men will be ergonomically designed so it can easily reach every area you want to trim. If not, you’ll need a willing partner to help you!

Something else to bear in mind is battery life and it’s better to choose a trimmer that uses a lithium battery instead of an alkaline one because it will hold its charge for more than an hour, giving you time to manscape to your heart’s content! 

If you’re going to be using the device to remove hair from all over the body, you won’t want it to suddenly run out of juice halfway through, so choose lithium-ion for the best results.

Why Men Love Body Hair Trimmers

Grooming has never been so important to men as it is these days. If the hair on your head is looking a bit unkempt you can simply head to the barber and get it trimmed quickly and easily. 

However, body grooming is very different. You are going to need a shaver and trimmer to stay on point these days and ensure your ‘manscaping’ is on fleek!

It’s thought that many modern guys spend as much time manscaping as women do on hair and makeup.

Benefits of Body Hair Trimming

There are various reasons trimming body hair is a good idea, including the following:

  • To feel confident
  • To stay clean and fresh
  • To keep cool
  • To feel more attractive
  • So you can inspect your body for irregularities

A good grooming kit also allows you to show off your muscle definition if you’ve been hitting the gym and want to show off your muscles without hair getting in the way.

Different Methods for Male Hair Removal

It’s important to know there are a couple of risks associated with hair trimming before you get started though, including skin infections, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Any of those unwanted effects can occur if using the wrong shaving technique or tools which aren’t appropriate for the area you’re treating.

Let’s take a look at how to avoid those potential pitfalls of hair removal and use your shaver and trimmer to get the perfect results. There are different hair removal methods, some of which are easy enough to do at home and others which might call for the services of a professional.

  • Shaving: This has to be the quickest, cheapest and easiest hair removal method and it’s nice if you’re going for a natural look. Be careful shaving facial hair, back hair or pubic hair though because you definitely don’t want to cut your skin in any of those areas or suffer burns there.
  • Waxing: If you can withstand the discomfort (or should we say pain!) of waxing, this process will keep you smooth and hair-free for up to a month because it pulls hair out from the roots underneath the skin.
  • Plucking: Plucking is often used for facial hair. You pull each single hair using tweezers. It’s a nice way to tidy up your eyebrows but not many men would choose this as their preferred method to de-fuzz their crown jewels!
  • Depilatory cream: This is effective and easy. Apply the depilatory cream to the right area, leave it on for however minutes the packaging recommends and then rinse it off. These creams contain a chemical that weakens hair enough to make it fall out. You can expect less ingrown hair and smooth skin. Disadvantages of this method include bad-smelling products and the fact it’s too irritating to use in the pubic area.
  • Body hair trimmers: These are simple to use and allow you to fully control how much hair is removed. If you’re nervous about shaving your balls with a razor (we don’t blame you) and aren’t keen on the prospect of waxing, a body hair trimmer or body hair groomer makes it quick and easy and even if you have coarse or thick hair down there, you can avoid cuts and nicks.
  • Sugaring: This hair removal method has been around for centuries and is like a less-painful form of waxing. It’s suitable for larger body areas like the back and chest. Although there are home kits on the market it’s a good idea to see a professional for this kind of treatment. Oh - and it does hurt a bit!
  • Laser hair removal: If you’re looking for a long-term way of getting rid of unwanted body hair on the shoulders, back or other places, laser hair removal might be the best option. Drawbacks include the fact you will need to see a professional and have several visits, it can work out to be hundreds (or thousands) of pounds and it can also be painful.

What’s the Best Body Groomer for Men?

Hands-down the best trimmer designed especially for men is the BALLS trimmer. It’s one of the best hair trimmers out there and was designed for safe use on your privates. The BALLS trimmer is made with ceramic blades which perform much better than steel blades, fully waterproof, and can be used on any part of your anatomy.

It can be used wet or dry and is USB-rechargeable. There are adjustable guards allowing you to pick the length you want for your nether regions, legs or wherever you want to remove hair. 

Not only is this an incredible multi-tool but this trimmer comes with top-notch customer service too. Here are some excerpts from customer reviews:

I love this trimmer. I don’t know how I managed before!

  • Martin, 24

  • As a first-time buyer looking for an alternative to disposable razors, I have to say I love how this trimmer never lets me down.

  • F. Abbot, 43

  • My knackers are now super-smooth and the girlfriend has no complaints!

  • Craig, 25

  • I had a minor issue but customer service resolved it faster than I’d have believed possible. I love this company and I can’t live without this product.

  • Geoffrey, 49

  • Get into the Habit of Trimming

    Once you know the best way to remove body hair you’ll want to make sure you do it regularly so you look great all the time. 

    Schedule a ‘trimming day’ into your calendar, perhaps once a month to begin with. Don’t worry about how long it’s going to take but focus on your safety and efficient hair trimming.

    How to Use a BALLS Trimmer

    So how exactly do you use your brand new BALLS trimmer? Well first of all, you need to fully charge the device and this is going to take 4 or 5 hours to do. Don’t worry, your newly shaved balls are going to thank you later! 

    The light on the trimmer flashes red during charging and stops flashing when it’s fully charged. Expect up to a full hour from one single charge. This means you will be able to use the trimmer several times before it needs to be charged, depending how much hair you want to trim and how long it is.

    You’ll find it easy to snap the blades in and out for cleaning whenever you like. The rust proofrustproof ceramic stainless steel blades can be cleaned easily and repel oil and dirt to minimise the risk of irritation in your most intimate area.

    Is It Suitable to Use in the Shower?

    Yes! You can absolutely use the BALLS trimmer in the shower because it’s fully waterproof. The only thing to watch out for is clogging the plughole with your pubes since your significant other might have something to say about that!

    What are the Trimming Guards For?

    The BALLS trimmer comes with an adjustable  guard in ¾ mm and ⅚ mm lengths so you can pick your preferred length. Although most men don’t bother with the guard because they want a closer shave, you do get the option if you prefer to use it..

    Is It Suitable for Full Body Use?

    Despite the name, this isn’t a bollocks-only groomer. You can use it in other sensitive places, in fact all over the body (yes, including the bum crack in case you’re wondering!)

    The BALLS trimmer has a USB rechargeable charger so you can charge it with your laptop or phone plug and even take it with you on trips, allowing you to quickly and safely trim your hair whenever you want!