Best body hair trimmer for men

Best body hair trimmer for men - BALLS

Everyone knows what an electric trimmer is, or at least they've heard of one. Some are waterproof, but not all. Some are designed to be used anywhere on your body, others are marketed for specific areas like a beard trimmer or balls trimmer.

Some have stainless steel blades, and others have ceramic blades. Some are marketed as a full body groomer to be used head to toe, others might specifically a "back shaver." Some come in a large kit with various attachments, combs, and blades that allow you to achieve different lengths or access hard-to-reach areas.

No matter what you call them or know them as, body groomers are all the rage, and rightly so. Body grooming is becoming more and more common, allowing men to put their best bodies forward.

For now, we are going to focus specifically on body hair trimmers and what exactly they are, and why they were invented.

Personal care products which remove unwanted hair from the face and body were developed to address concerns about hygiene and personal appearance. Removing body hair helped stave off infestations of lice and other parasites, especially for those who lived in close quarters and who had limited access to bathing.   Because hair traps perspiration, it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and odors. For these reasons, by the early 1900s being “clean-shaven” had become associated with basic hygiene.

Cultural standards, practices, and fashions for men’s facial hair have shifted over time, and razor innovations and marketing have played a role in those shifts. During the 1800s, shaving was done with a steel straight razor, often by a barber. When Gillette patented the first safety razor in 1904, it became easier for men to shave at home.  As a result, being clean-shaven became both more convenient and very fashionable.

Electric razors made hair removal more convenient and less dangerous. Jacob Schick received a patent for the first electric razor in 1930, which he called the “Schick Dry Shaver,” as no shaving soap was necessary. And thus, the body hair trimmer was born.

Since then, so many types of tools and brands have come onto the scene. You've got Bodygroom, the lawn mower by Manscaped, Philips, Philips Norelco, Remington, Braun, and Mangroomer, just to name a few. And of course, the BALLS trimmer!

What to look for in a body trimmer.

Since it takes time to groom yourself, you should look for a body groomer that you can easily hold for longer durations. A good body groomer is ergonomically designed to allow easy handling and usage. This is something most men don't think of. Also, you also want to make sure it can reach all the areas on your body you want to trim. Either that or you need to make sure you have a very willing partner to help you on your grooming journey.

Another important feature you should research is battery life. Many use a lithium battery or some iteration thereof. A lithium battery is far superior to alkaline and can hold a charge for over an hour. Run time on a trimmer battery is important considering you will be using it as a full-body groomer. The ideal type of lithium battery is lithium-ion. That puppy can hold a charge!

Why do men want to use a body hair trimmer?

Maintaining and grooming hair has never been an uphill task for men. Or has it? If it’s the hair on your head or your facial hair, you simply visit your barber and get it cut and styled in whichever way you choose. Not too much fuss about it.

When it comes to body grooming, it’s a different ball game. You need a trimmer and shaver and an entire grooming kit to stay on fleek these days.

The term “manscaping” has become tremendously popular in men’s lifestyle circles. After all, nobody wants to resemble Wolverine (unless you’re cast in the role itself).

Men worldwide now spend as much time or even more manscaping as women spend on their eyebrows and makeup.

The benefits that come with body hair trimming are diverse. The fundamental reasons most men do it are:

  • Stay cleaner

  • Remain confident

  • Feel sexier

  • To inspect their body for irregularities

  • Stay cooler


An added bonus of using a top-notch grooming kit is that it shows off your muscle definition if you spend a considerable amount of time in the gym.

Despite the good things about trimming, it does come with a couple of health risks. The biggest concerns include skin irritation, infections, and ingrown hairs. These are caused by the use of inappropriate tools and improper shaving techniques.

So, how can you steer clear of these concerns and use your trimmer and shaver seamlessly?


There are several options you may opt for when shaving your body hair. You have plenty of choices.

Some of these methods are straightforward, and you can do them yourself at home. Others, however, are a bit technical and might require the services of a professional.


Shaving has to be the most straightforward, inexpensive, and fastest methods. It’s also your best option if you’re looking for a more natural look. However, you ought to be careful when shaving facial hair, pubic hair, and back hair, as you don’t want to risk cuts and burns.


Waxing pulls out hair from its roots under the skin. Its results are more long-lasting as you’ll stay hair-free for about four weeks. Waxing, however, has a reputation for leaving grown men in tears!


Plucking involves pulling individual hairs using tweezers. It’s suitable for facial hair, but you might want to steer clear when it comes to your balls.


Sugaring is an ancient method where you use sugar paste to remove hair. It’s more like waxing but less painful. Sugaring is more suitable for larger areas, such as the chest and back. There are home kits available for sugaring, but it’s better to visit a professio

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams are a simple and effective option. All you need to do is apply the cream, leave it for a while then wash it off. These creams contain a chemical that weakens hair and makes it fall out. The result is smooth skin and less ingrown hair. You can use these creams anywhere on your body except your pubes because it can irritate your skin.

Body Hair Groomers

Body groomers are easy to use and give you total control over how much hair you want to remove. The process is quick and easy, and with an electric ball trimmer you avoid nicks and cuts, no matter if you have thick, coarse hair.

Laser Hair Removal

The method is most suitable if you want a long-term hair removal solution. It’s also best for the back hair and shoulders. However, it’s also the most expensive, and you’ll have to hire a professional. You’re also most likely going to have to visit the professional for several sessions.

As you might have already noted, the method you choose depends on the area you want to shave and the amount of hair you want to cut down.

Best body groomers

  1. The BALLS trimmer. Not only is this trimmer save for your private bits, but it is also one of the best body groomers out there! It's waterproof, made with quality ceramic blades (far superior to stainless steel blades), and safe to use all over your body. It's USB rechargeable and can be used wet or dry. It has adjustable guards so you can choose the length you want for your legs or other body hair. It's the multi-tool of dreams! NOT TO MENTION--It has, hands down, the best customer service on the planet.

Here's what some customers have to say:

"Really happy with my trimmer. First time buyer and quality is amazing."

"Love the trimmer, works exactly as advertised."

"My balls are as smooth as a granite countertop!"

"The customer service is out of this world. They resolved my issue quickly and with such care and kindness. So happy with the product and the company!"


We hope you’ve made it to the other side completely safe. Now that you know how to take care of your body hair, you need to do it more often. 

For beginners, schedule a day in your calendar for trimming, once a month is a great starting point. Don’t worry too much about the time you take to complete the task. Your concerns should be primarily about your safety.

Trust us, you’ll be a pro-Bro sooner than you think.

How to trim body hair with the balls trimmer.

So you've finally got a BALLS™ Trimmer, but there are a few things you want to know first before you dive in and tame that bush.

No stress! We get asked a shit-ton of questions on the daily from ball-scapers around the world who’ve heard the legend of our game-changing trimmer, so we’ve rounded up our most frequently asked questions here and answered them for you.

Told you we care about saving balls.

From charging time to how to change your blades, read on to find out 7 things you should know about the BALLS Trimmer...

How long does it take to charge?

Well it all depends on the size of your... nah, just kidding.

The BALLS™ Trimmer takes roughly 4-5 hours to be fully charged. Not long at all when you consider how beautiful and shining your balls will look after!

When charging, the light on the trimmer will flash red and will stop flashing once charged.

How long does a full charge last?

The BALLS™ Trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery that can last 60 minutes from a single charge.

That means you can easily use the BALLS Trimmer a few times before having to charge it again — but of course, it all depends on how long you’ve been growing out that jungle.

How do I change the blades? 

The blades of our BALLS Trimmer snap in and out easily, just like the gif below. We do love it when a good instructional and image comes together.

You can clean our SackSafe™ Blades blades whenever you want. Plus they repel dirt and oil to reduce irritation and are made from rust-proof stainless steel. What more could you want, eh?

Can I use this in the shower?

That would be a hell yeah. You can use the BALLS Trimmer while in the shower; it’s fully waterproof so it won’t get damaged at all.

Just watch out for pube build-up down the plughole. Not all flat mates/parents/girlfriends are into that apparently. Dunno why.

Should I use my trimming guards?

Each BALLS Trimmer comes with a 3/4mm and 5/6mm trimming guard, so you can be as selective as you like with your grooming lengths. Winner.

Most people don’t tend to use these guards mind you, because they want to get a closer shave — however, it’s entirely up to you! March to the beat of your own drum and all that jazz..

Can I use this all over my body? 

Sure, why not! The BALLS Trimmer isn’t just made for balls; we’ve designed it to be used all over the body and in other sensitive areas if you catch our drift.

Check out our guide to shaving bum hair with the BALLS Trimmer if that hint wasn’t strong enough.

What charger does it use?

The BALLS Trimmer uses a rechargeable USB charger so you can charge it via your phone plug or even your laptop, making it easy to travel with and take anywhere.

Balls and body on fleek, wherever you go. Now that’s living the dream.