Shaving Armpit Hair For Men

All About Shaving Armpit Hair for Men.

Listen up guys who groom! More and more men are taking to their body hair with gusto and grit. With all the trimming and shaving and laser hair removal that women do, men are starting to realize that less hair can be more attractive and catching onto the benefits of a less hairy bod. A little effort can go a long way.

Yes, for some this means shaving back hair, pubic hair, chest hair, and even armpit hair. If you already have out your tools to shave, why not go a little further and give your arms and underarms a little attention? Shaving your armpits may have been unheard of for men just five years ago, but it's becoming more and more common.


Why Shave your armpits?

Men shave their armpits for a variety of reasons. Most men who shave their armpits do so for aesthetic reasons. Another large percentage of men shave armpit hair for athletic reasons. Then there is the highly underrated reason of hygiene. Less armpit hair means less of a chance for bacteria to hang out in your pits...which means less stinky sweat. If you've never shaved your armpits before, it might be worth giving it a try as summer approaches and temperatures rise. You don't have much to lose.

Your armpits are filled with glands that produce sweat, which is why you need deodorant to cover it up. However, having exceptionally hairy pits can get in the way of deodorant working correctly. The deodorant may not reach your glands with all that hair, so you may want to trim so that it can work properly.

A lot of men have also found that shaving their armpit hair makes those areas airier and less itchy. If your hair’s causing you problems in those departments, a shave could be in order.

Perhaps you find yourself thinking that it isn't manly to trim your armpits, and that's fine. But let's have a moment of silence and take an objective look at your pits: If you have giant tufts of hair emerging from under your arms, you may want to reconsider.

If you want to cut down on itching, body odor, and unsightly underarm hair, you could try any of these approaches below and see how how it goes! If you don't like it, hair grows back and you can return to your hairy cave man ways soon enough.

How to Shave Your Armpits for men

The most basic approach to trimming your armpits is with a pair of scissors. You can trim many hairs at once, even if the hair grows in all different directions. Just grab a handful, twist it, and do one big snip. (Not too close to your skin). You won't experience the satisfying feeling of a clean shave, but you will have much less hair in a short amount of time. Just make sure they aren't scissors that are also used in the kitchen. Ewww.

The second method you could try is hair removal cream. These tend to have a strong chemical smell and could leave some irritation if you have sensitive skin. You would need to trim a little before you apply the cream, then leave it on for the recommended amount of time (usually about ten minutes) and finish off by wiping it clean and then rinse off in a warm shower. Ahhh...

A third approach would be the tried and true razor blade. Again, you'd want to trim down the hair first with either a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer. Many experts say this is the point when you want to exfoliate the skin to decrease the risk of getting ingrown hair. An exfoliating body scrub or loofah can be an extremely effective way to remove dead skin cells and bacteria. Apply your favorite shaving cream or gel, make sure you are using a fresh razor, and go to town on those pits. You will have to move those blades in every direction to make sure you get all that unruly underarm hair. Keep in mind that if you choose to remove armpit hair with a razor, you'll have to replace your razor regularly.

Finally, you could take the smartest and most efficient approach, which would be to use a high quality pube trimmer like the one found at BALLSCO. Because they offer a replacement blade subscription program, you can have one blade for your balls, one for your beard, and one for your underarms. These are ceramic blades that easily trims underarm hair, arm hair, chest hair....whatever body hair you feel like manscaping.

If you want to shave your armpits without razor burn, nicks, or the chance for ingrown hairs, the BALLS trimmer is truly the greatest grooming tool for your body. It's entirely waterproof so you can shave your armpits in the shower in no time and with no irritation. It holds a charge for over an hour and is extremely well-designed. From your pits to your privates, this trimmer does it all.

Yes, Men shave their armpits

The rumors are true. Many men really do shave their armpits. You can trim them with scissors, shave them smooth and get rid of dead skin with a sharp razor, wipe off the hair with a strong hair removal cream, or buzz them easily with the BALLS trimmer. It's time to give those pits a little TLC. And it's time to give those around you a little break from your B.O. You'll be running around the beach in style without a care in the world...or at least a care in your underarms.