La recortadora de cuerpo completo Archibald

  • Cuchillas de cerámica reemplazables para microrecorte, las mejores de su clase
  • Protector SackSafe apreciado internacionalmente y garantía sin rasguños
  • Peine protector mejorado con tres opciones de longitud diferentes
  • Un motor de 7.000 RPM para manejar todos los espesores y texturas.
  • Luz LED de alta potencia para zonas de difícil acceso

    Diseño ergonómico resistente al agua con agarre antideslizante para recortar la ducha sin riesgos.
  • Correa antideslizante para la muñeca para una experiencia de recorte más segura.
  • Apto para todo el cuerpo: lo suficientemente fuerte para tus pelotas, hecho para todas partes.cuchilla

Jabón en barra exfoliante de Beatrix Pemberton

Diseñado para una experiencia de cuerpo completo, nuestro jabón en barra exfoliante cuenta con la combinación perfecta de jabones limpios e ingredientes exfoliantes naturales. Porque ¿por qué conformarse con algo menos que una piel sana y un cabello feliz? Y no olvidemos la pieza de resistencia: nuestro magnífico aroma ligeramente amaderado. Es como un paseo por el bosque, sin las hojas en los zapatos.

Aceite de afeitar de Oliver

Presentamos Aceite de afeitar de Oliver, un elixir versátil y totalmente natural elaborado para el cuidado del vello corporal más preciado. Es su solución preferida para el mantenimiento de las joyas de su corona, ya que ofrece propiedades anti-rozaduras duraderas para esas partes, mechones y bolas que trabajan duro, y un tratamiento nutritivo y calmante para después del recorte del cabello y los folículos.

¿Somos mejores amigos?

Cualquier idiota puede construir un cortapelos púbico, pero se necesita un tipo especial de idiota para llamarlo BALLS™. Pero así somos nosotros: nuestros fans nos aman porque nos preocupamos tanto por sus pelotas que nos pusimos su nombre.

¿Qué recortadora BALLS™ funciona mejor para mí?

The Archibald V3 The Classic V2 The Original V1
SackSafe™ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Waterproof ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Motorpower 🚀 ✈️ 🚂
LED Light ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️
Travel Lock ⭐️
Wrist Strap ⭐️
Colours 💙💜🖤 🖤 🖤

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Close trimmed balls :)

Love my balls

I received my first trimmer which must’ve been damaged in transport, it didn’t work properly and was really loud when turned on. I contacted the customer service team, they replied quickly and had another one out in the post which arrived 2 days later. The new one works perfectly, exactly as shown on adverts. It was so good to use I was gutted i run out of hair to shave. The Mrs loves how smooth everywhere is. This product is a must have

Smooth criminal

So I'll begin from the start of my journey which led me to buy the BALLS trimmer. I started my Saturday off like usual, ate my breakfast and headed to the gym at 11:00am.

First exercise on the list was bench press. I laid down on the bench, ready as my gym buddy walked over to spot me. It is when his crotch loomed over my head that I noticed an unfamiliar sparkle coming from his trousers. As I looked over I glared at one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen, beautiful enough to be the eighth wonder of the world. Through the stitching of his trouser were a smooth, clean and shiny pair of BALLS. I went completely nuts as I sprung off the bench and questioned him as to how he acquired such a smooth pair of gems. My buddy just looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder and said "BALLS", I stared at him blankly thinking it was some sort of joke but soon discovered it was in fact the truth.

I rushed home and cracked open my money box which had all the pocket money my mum had given me for the last 10 years. The box had £44.50p! But I needed £45!!!. I looked everywhere, I was busting my nuts trying to find 50p from somewhere. Eventually it came down to an action which I am not proud of to this day, however my BALLS (literally) were on the line, so I sneaked into my local corner shop and opened up the orphans in need charity box and STOLE the 50p. I believe it is one of the most ballsy crimes in the history of crimes. Anyway enough of my criminal past, I now had the £45 to purchase the one and only trimmer.... The BALLS trimmer.

I eagerly logged on to my laptop and searched BALLS in Google. At first I was horrified at the results popping up on my screen, however soon enough I found what I was looking for. I added the trimmer to the sack and typed in all my details. As I clicked the confirmation button a shiver ran down my balls as I realised that I had made one of the greatest purchases in human history. Now it was the dreaded waiting game......

It was Wednesday morning, I got out of bed at 9am and turned the TV on downstairs. My mom walked in to the room and said "Something came in the mail today". It is then that I knew DEEZ NUTS!!! Were finally going to be returned to their former glory as they once were when I was a 5-year-old child.

I rushed to the bathroom and whipped out the trimmer from the packaging. I marveled at the sight of the most amazing piece of technology to be invented, I think I was in love. I slipped down my pants to reveal what seemed to be the amazon rainforest attached to a pair of balls. It was now or never, I grabbed the trimmer and started mowing through the forest of hair (I believe deforestation rose at an alarming rate that day). I couldn't believe it!!! Many razors had tried and failed but this trimmer was effortlessly gliding across the grooves and curves of my bulky ball sack. The hairs were dropping like the balls of teenagers going through puberty. And there it was, my ball sack, shinier than a bald mans head on a bright summers day. The results were outstanding and my balls were screaming for me to write a review for the trimmer. So I grabbed my phone and began writing my review on the BALLS website.

(Think I deserve another free trimmer for my ballsy review)

Better than most

Works better than most. Great bundle overall. The price is great.

Pretty good

Very good overall experience.