BALLS Ultimate Package - World's Best Electric Balls Trimmer, Balls Lotion, Balls Wash

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BALLS™ Ultimate Package V2

A powerhouse trio: this is the ultimate in ball-scaping. We’re talking about our bestselling BALLS™ Trimmer, a pair of SackSafe™ Blades to keep you going, and our specially formulated BALLS™ Lotion for the freshest of grooming aftercare


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  • $99

    Balls Trimmer

    Balls Lotion

    3 SackSafe Blades

Delivers every

Refresh and so clean (clean).

This is no ordinary body wash. Super refreshing and skin conditioning formula invigorates, deodorizes and nourishes to help keep you running in tip-top shape.


Lather-up like
a grown-up

Nourishing body wash provides a conditioning lather that whisks away dirt, oil, and sweat. Invigorating menthol and eucalyptus, energizing ginseng, and deodorizing witch hazel help bring the clean wherever you go. Coconut oil and vitamin E and vitamin B5 hydrate, soothe and moisturize.

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