5 reasons why you need a BALLS™ Trimmer

Your sack is empty

Don’t balls it up!

5 reasons why you need a BALLS™ Trimmer

No nicks, no cuts: just balls as smooth as you are

Reason 1

You can FINALLY stop nicking your nuts with dodgy trimmers

Your balls are too precious for cuts and nicks, which is why we developed our SackSafe™ Technology. Unlike standard beard trimmers, scissors and razors, our unique design glides over those bad boys and guarantees a painless trim. Just how it should be.

Reason 2

Banging balls are bangable balls

A massive 92% of people prefer their partner to be shaved and groomed down there, rather than hairy and unkempt. And you know what they say: trimming the hedge makes the tree stand taller and all that *wink wink*.

Reason 3

Nick your sack, send it back

We’re proud of our honest reputation and always stay true to our word. If you experience any ballsack damage, just contact us and we’ll offer you a full refund—we’re THAT confident in our SackSafe™ Technology. What can we say, we like happy balls.

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Reason 4

It’s not just for your balls...

Yep, from your balls to your bum—you can pretty much use the BALLS Trimmer anywhere on your body. It’s fully waterproof too, so you can use it in the shower too. Clean AND smooth? What a don you are

Reason 5

Say bye to sweaty swamp balls

Summer vibes? Let’s not lie, pubes can get really sweaty during a heatwave, so a lot of men prefer to keep their balls neat and tidy for the simple reason it feels more hygienic. A bit of manscaping with the BALLS Trimmer will sort you right out—no sweat (literally)

Get a free bottle of BALLS™ lotion with your first order

Getting your nuts on fleek is all about the aftercare—and we’ve got just the lotion to make your balls smell amazing all day long, and stay sweat-free. Order today and we’ll throw in a free bottle of BALLS™ lotion AND free shipping. Boom.


Wow, received mine today so had to give it a try, brilliant piece of kit all nice n smooth down there now and as it says not a single nick, would advice taking it slow as it says in instructions keeping the skin taut


Braedon R.

I can honestly say, this is by far the best manscaping tool out there. I have the lawnmower 2.0, and this one is so much better. I can finally shave below the belt feeling confident that I won’t get any cuts or knicks!


Alex C.

Overall, very impressed with this! Had a few cuts but probably down to getting used to it. I travel a lot so a little travel pouch to put in my wash bag would have been a good addition!


Ben S.

I think they are a great compact trimmer and love the whole concept and branding! However, without the guard, they are not exactly as you claim but still better than any other I have used


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Want your BALLS Trimmer faster than you can say ‘in great balls, we stan’? Place your first order with us today and we’ll throw in free express tracked shipping, so you can deal with your hairy balls in record time. We’re not saying you’ll make it into the Guinness World Records or anything… but your balls will look great.

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