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The word chafing never refers to anything good! You probably have first-hand experience with this unpleasant issue, especially if you live somewhere hot and humid. Even those living in a dry climate might face chafing, especially if they're a keen runner or someone with large thighs or sensitive skin.


So what is chafing anyway and what exactly causes it? Well, chafing is a skin issue caused by moisture, friction, irritating fabric, or any combination of these factors.

If something keeps rubbing on the skin, you're likely to end up with burning or stinging along with a mild rash. Severe chafing can result in bleeding, crusting and swelling. Sounds lovely - not!

Skin rubbing on skin creates a moist, warm environment which encourages bacterial and fungal growth. It's commonly found between the buttocks (in the bum crack) and will get itchy, raw and painful.

One of the worst types of chafing or perhaps the very worst has to be testicular chafing, which means redness and flaking of the scrotum caused by heat and friction. Just the thought is enough to make your eyes water!

Cyclists often suffer from chafing on the nuts as do men working outside when the weather is hot. Tight clothes are another cause so swap stretchy pants for loose ones - your balls will thank you!

If you're experiencing very tender or sore skin with the sensation of burning, you might have chafed bollocks!

Chafing ranges from mild to severe. The good news is whatever the reason you're suffering from chafing, it's very common and there are ways to get rid of it. Better still you can invest in an anti-chafing cream so you won't experience the problem in the first place!

What is Anti-Chafe Cream Exactly?

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There are various anti-chafing products on the market and the basic cream is just one of your options. There are also sticks, balms, butters, thigh rescue formulations, body glide, and more.

But first let's take a look at what these products actually contain and how they work.

An anti-chafing product, regardless of formulation, is going to contain lubricants which will stop your skin sticking together. This reduces the risk of friction which can cause chafing. Body Glide is especially popular with athletes because it's rich in allantoin, a substance which can prevent friction.

A lot of anti-chafing products on the market also feature vitamin E that works as a barrier. Some have coconut oil to stop friction. Others might come as a powder.

Some anti-chafes might be tailored for one bodily area, such as the inner thighs, while others are marketed as non-greasy. No matter how they are made and marketed, an anti-chafing product is basically used so you can move your body without experiencing the friction that causes you to chafe.

Chafing Creams for Men

One of the problems with chafing is it can happen when you're completely unprepared for it and most guys don't even consider using a chafing product until it's too late.

Once you sit down after a long walk in the sun, win a sporting tournament, reach the summit, or finish a race, you might realise your error. If you didn't use an anti-chafe product you are going to pay the price! Chafing is never nice, especially at the beach where sand is involved. Ouch!

When planning activities we don't usually consider how our bum, balls or inner thighs are going to feel at the end. Men need an anti-chafe product so they can perform their best and prevent chafing from happening in the first place. This will free up your energy and time so you can get back to doing what you love.

Which Anti-Chafing Cream is Best for Men?
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Now you know what chafing is and that it can be prevented, let's take a closer look at the best anti-chafing cream options for guys, including powders, sticks, creams, and more.

Now if you especially want a 100% natural product you can always try shea butter, Vaseline, or even pinch some of your partner’s  body lotion. These aren't going to offer as much protection as a commercial cream but they're better than nothing.

If you'd prefer a highly effective product though, 'Thigh Rescue' by Megababe is a great choice and a top-notch anti-friction product.

Although it used to be marketed just for women who can get chafing if they wear skirts, dresses and shorts, these days it's just as popular with men who have discovered it can prevent chafing.

You can get Thigh Rescue in a stick which looks a bit like deodorant. It has a balm-type consistency and will form a barrier that sits on the skin, allowing thighs to smoothly glide against one another without friction. The ingredients include grapeseed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Something else which is highly recommended for male chafing is Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm which also comes in a stick. Rub some on before you get dressed. You can apply it anywhere skin might rub skin such as thighs, arms, neck or anywhere that is likely to get rubbed.

It's made using plant-derived, allergen-free ingredients and is also child-safe, vegan-approved and not animal-tested. A lot of men find the stick much more convenient over gels, powders and wet creams, which can be messy to use.

There is no lanolin, mineral oil, or petroleum in there and it's effective for hours. A lot of guys use Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm every day when the weather is hot and humid or when they're doing activities that can cause chafing.

This balm doesn't clog the pores so sweat can escape and your skin can still breathe. It won't stain or effect fabrics including neoprene and you can even use it to stop your shoes from rubbing your feet! Life hack!

Something else you might like is Chub Rub, which combines a variety of natural ingredients like cocoa butter and organic coconut oil to protect, energize and moisturise your skin. Chub Rub is paraben-free, chemical-free and aluminium-free. There are literally thousands of positive reviews online.

It has a natural mild scent and is a great product if you're prone to chafing (or if you're not sure you are and you'd rather not find out the hard way!) This trusted brand is simple to apply and will stay on regardless of how much you sweat.

Chub Rub will soothe your thighs, armpits, groin, or wherever you want to apply it. This product will give you back your power and you can buy it directly from Amazon (link).

The next contender for best anti-chafing product is UNDRBUDR which is a chamois cream offering conditioning and high performance as well as a friction-free glide while you run, cycle or take that long walk on the beach. UNDRBUDR is made with natural pressed oils and butters and it has a weightless feel rather than a greasy one.

UNDRBUDR is very comfortable and will last all day long even if you sweat heavily, improving both your comfort level and performance. It's enriched with jojoba seed oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, safflower seed oil, and more natural botanicals for optimal performance and durability. Get it here on Amazon.

One anti-chafing product everyone is familiar with is Vaseline. They have an All-Over Body Jelly Stick which sounds messy but isn't sticky once applied. In fact, this is proven to heal damaged, dry skin and also reduce chafing.

It comes in an easy-to-apply-anywhere stick and is TSA-friendly since it's not a liquid or cream. It's a bit like a lube. This stick is mess-free and non-greasy so you don't need to rub it in. Just glide it over any skin you want to protect from chafing and protect yourself from the misery of chafing quickly and easily.  

Now if you want something specifically for your crown jewels, the best option is the BALLS lotion deodorant which you apply as a lotion and then it dries as a non-chafing deodorant. Oh, and it smells pretty good too! BALLS lotion deodorant is a popular male chafing cream and has been specially designed for the male twig and berries. One application is enough and it will last all day long. It even contains ingredients that tingle and literally cool off your crotch like eucalyptus and tea tree oil. 

What Makes a Good Anti-Chafing Cream?

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It can be hard to know what to buy when there are literally hundreds of anti-chafing lotions and potions on the shelves. Something else to consider is your personal preference along with what kind of chafing you experience, what kind of activities you do, and your budget.

Some men end up buying a product their mate recommended while others will buy via an influencer (who might get a commission for it). Others have a preference for anti-inflammatory or anti-chafing cream which is all-natural and allergen-free. Maybe you are also searching for a product that is designed for a specific area, such as the inner thighs or groin.

Regardless of which anti-chafing product you pick, you're going to want something non-greasy, natural, long-lasting, and safe to use on sensitive skin, as well as capable of preventing friction.

So take a look at the reviews, consider the price, find out what's in the formula, and find the perfect anti-chafe product for your needs. You probably already know whether you prefer sticks, gels, powders, balms, or creams, so get excited about enjoying activities again without the risk of painful chafing!