How to Shave Your Balls without Itching or Snags

How to Shave Your Balls without Itching or Snags - BALLS

Men used to shave their faces and that was about it. In the past few decades though, shaving below the belt has become more commonplace, with guys as well as girls choosing to shave, trim and maintain their pubes. 

But is shaving right for you, or is there a better way to groom your privates? Well, actually it’s just down to personal preference. 

If you want silky smooth balls, you might not know the very best way to accomplish this. It’s not something you learn as a boy and it’s probably not something you want to ask your mates down the pub about either.

The skin around your bollocks is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and taking a razor to the area without the proper preparation is likely to result in cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, and more you really, really don’t want!

Read on to find out how to keep your balls safe, smooth and neat, without itching or snagging.

Make Time for Shaving

Never rush shaving your balls, else you’ll end up with nicks, cuts and irritation. It’s always best to make sure you have plenty of time so you can do a good job and get the result you want. Avoid distractions and get ready for some top-notch manscaping. 

Whether you’re new to the whole ball-shaving thing or not, you still need to take your time doing it. Concentrate on mastering the basics and essentials while avoiding hurting your privates in the process.

The Right Tools for the Job

Whatever you’re doing, it’s always a good idea to have the right tools before you get started, and this is especially important when shaving your danglies. You are going to need these:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Hair trimmer
  • Handheld mirror
  • Running water
  • Shaving gel, oil or cream
  • Alcohol-free aftershave

Although a disposable razor might do at a pinch if you’re shaving your face (something you’ll have had years of practice at) you should not use it to shave your balls, else you’ll end up with cuts, nicks and itchy skin.

Your balls are delicate so you need a special safety razor for shaving down below. An even better option is an electric trimmer since it will shave even the coarsest hair to skin level without the risk of snags, nicks or cuts.

Choose a Quality Hair Trimmer

Non-electrical razors can snag your skin resulting in itchy balls, bleeding cuts and more. Using a disposable razor for a close shave means stubble and razor burn.

So what about hair clippers? These don’t seem like such a good choice once you realise they have motors and sharp razors in them.

Instead, consider a good quality hair trimmer, since this is like shaving without the risk of injury. Modern hair trimmers can cut the hair very close to the skin without snagging.

And if you prefer a trim over a full cut, the best trimmers come with different extensions and guards so you can get whatever length and style you want.

First You Need to Trim

It’s a good idea to trim down that bush before you begin to shave or trim. Although you can do this with a pair of scissors, it’s safer (and faster) using an electric trimmer. 

Using the wrong tool for the job can cause pain and possibly even harm your balls. Don’t rush the trimming process and use a mirror so you can see what you’re doing.

Get Ready to Shave

The next step in the process isn’t just grabbing a shaver and using it on your balls. You need to do a little prep work first, following these steps:

  1. Have a soak in a warm bath to help your balls relax so you can pull the skin taut after. Also, warm water is helpful for softening the hair follicles and opening the pores.
  2. Apply some pre-shaving oil to protect your sack and help you achieve a silky smooth result.
  3. Apply some shaving cream so the shaver will be able to glide friction-free over the skin. If possible, pick one with natural ingredients, since they’re better for sensitive skin. Avoid anything containing menthol, eucalyptus or other ‘cooling’ ingredients.

Take care when running the water, since cold water will send your balls into retreat while hot water can irritate the skin. For the best result, opt for warm water.

You should also use shaving gel or cream which lathers up clear, so you can see what you’re doing.


Time to Shave

Your balls are now ready to be shaved. Pull the skin taut so you have a flat, smooth area to run the shaver over.

Start from the top and run down to the bottom, ensuring you don’t skip any little sections. It’s best to take it slowly so you don’t miss anything. You can always go over the balls again just to make sure.

Shaving With or Against the Grain?

You might not want to shave in the opposite directions of hair growth. When shaving the scrotum, go in the same direction as hair growth if you’re new to this. 

Now although shaving against the grain gives the smoothest result, you might risk skin irritation unless using gel or cream. So you can try either way and, if going against the grain is irritating to your skin, you can switch to going with it next time.

Care After Shaving

After you finish shaving, you’ll want to prevent itching and skin irritation. If you’re shaving your face, you’d just put on some aftershave and head out. However, your privates need a little more in the way of pampering.

Apply some oil or balm to your balls, using something all-natural if you have it. It’s important to do this, to minimise the risk of irritation to this delicate area of the body.

Ball hair doesn’t grow super-fast so regrowth shouldn’t be an issue. Once you do begin to see stubble, exfoliate your skin to keep the pores bacteria-free and clean. Another benefit of exfoliating is it helps prevent getting ingrown hairs.

Get into the Habit of Grooming

Once you’re au fait with the whole process of manscaping, you will enjoy the resulting boost in confidence and the fresh feeling. When your balls are smooth and clean, you will be able to check them, so make a ball self-exam part of your regular manscaping routine, every few weeks.

Getting into this habit means you will get better and better at it, and also avoid itchy balls. You’ll be a ball-shaving pro sooner than you think!