Trimmer for Men: Turning Balls From Basic to Bold

Trimmer for Men: Turning Balls From Basic to Bold - BALLS
A Close Shave With A Trimmer Might Be All You Need

Just because we prize these sensitive assets doesn’t mean it’s okay to let them get overgrown with body hair, forever fearful of putting a blade on them. 

There’s a ton of reasons pubic hair grooming has become more popular today than ever. A proper trim is all it’ll take for you to:

  • Feel cleaner
  • Feel sexier and more confident
  • Find exercise way more comfortable 
  • Enjoy a decreased risk of getting a pubic lice infection
  • Attract women who prefer silky smooth balls 

There’s something to be said about wanting to avoid putting your balls at risk after a few close encounters with a conventional razor. The terrain is soft and saggy, after all, and not the easiest to tackle. 

A close shave with a handy trimmer might be all you need in your grooming routine to ensure smooth balls with no scratches whatsoever. Especially when deploying the ultimate kit will leave you smelling and feeling like a don all day. 

Hard, battle-toughened, masculine men might excite the ladies, but bruised, cut, and scarred balls aren’t guaranteed to. 

It’s not always about the impression you create out there, it’s also about the satisfaction you feel as a competent man who can execute a clean shave without getting all bloodied up. With the scrotum suffering 67.2% of grooming-related injuries, you’ve got no choice but to protect your sack from nicks and cuts that are totally avoidable. 

Dont take any razor to town on your balls

Don’t just take any razor and go to town on your balls. After all, you’re dealing with thin, delicate skin down there, which means the risk of injury is high. Here’s how, with a BALLS trimmer, you can turn your balls from basic to bold:

Prep Your Balls for Body Hair Removal

You want to:

 1.Stand with one of your legs propped up on a strong, stable surface. This could either be a stool or the side of your bathtub.

2. Gently pull the skin taut with one hand while you carefully trim your pube hairs using a pair of scissors or your BALLS trimmer. 

Trimmers from BALLS come with 3/4 mm and 5/6 mm trimming guards, making it possible to be as selective as you’d like with your grooming length. The goal is to shorten your hair as much as you can without touching the skin.  

3.Take a nice, warm bath or shower. 

It’ll help open your pores for easier hair removal, even as it helps soften the remaining stubble. As your balls relax and hang loose, it becomes easier to move them around while you use your body groomer on them.

Keep the water warm. A hot shower may burn or irritate your skin, while a cold one will have your balls retreating and becoming uncooperative. 

4. Apply a Gentle Shaving Product.

If you’ve ever used beard trimmers, you know that it doesn’t hurt to pair them with skin-friendly shaving cream or gel that contains some naturally soothing ingredients. The result is some nice and smooth blade gliding action over your skinminus the friction.

Reach Out for The BALLS Trimmer

Balls Trimmer

There’s a reason you don’t just go for some random trimmers or body groomers when it comes to shaving below the waist. 

You don’t want to drag a power extension outlet to your bathroom, for starters, just so that you can plug in and push through your grooming routine. You also don’t want to feel like you’re lifting weights as you navigate your trimmer around your privates. 

Body groomers like the one from BALLS are lightweight, cordless, and operate on battery power. A single charge will have these trimmers lasting a whopping 60 minuteswhich is more than enough time to deal with whatever size of bush you might have had growing down there. 

All you need is a standard USB charger, and your trimmer will be juiced up and good to go. 

One of their best key features? They are also fully waterproof. Rest any worries you might have that getting these body groomers wet in the shower will lead to getting electrocuted. 

What about the bladesis there any way one can enjoy the convenience of interchangeable heads? Yes, you can absolutely change them out. You might be interested in giving them a good cleaning, after all. 

Or you might just want to use one set of your BALLS pubic trimmer blades on your balls, another on your bum, or yet another on some other part of your body. That’s the definition of a multi groomer trimmer right there.  

Whatever the case, our SafeSackTM technology stainless steel blades don’t just make it easy to use; they also repel dirt and oil. The end result is it reduces any irritation you might have resigned yourself to endure as part and parcel of your shaving experience. 

Embolden Your Balls with a Close Shave

Now that you’ve trimmed your thick bush to remain with shorter hair, taken a warm bath, and lathered your balls in preparation for the blade, it should be easy to get your shave on. 

Since you already have your BALLS trimmer at hand, it’s time to jump into the shower, once again with warm water and begin:

  1. Like before, prop one leg up in a fashion that lets you reach every part of your balls. 
  2. Use one hand to gently pull your scrotum’s skin taut while the other shaves in the direction your hair grows. 
  3. Use slow strokes and apply gentle pressure as you go about the shaving business.
  4. Rinse your balls thoroughly, then gently pat them dry. 
  5. Tidy up any mess you might have made, as the bold but responsible lad you now are!

There’s no reason you can’t experiment with different methods of shaving your balls, too, so feel free to get creative with your trimmer. You’ll also be surprised at just how many pubic hair design styles are out there for men.

While there are men who prefer going completely pube-less, others like to keep their bush trimmed. Others might need to use various comb attachments to keep their bush in line, while there are those whose only interest is in keeping it clean. 

Whichever way you eventually go, there’s really no right or wrong direction you can take when it comes to handling your pubes.