How to Shave Your Balls With No Snags or Itching

How to Shave Your Balls With No Snags or Itching - BALLS
Take A Warm Shower Before Shaving

The male grooming scene has changed tremendously over the past few decades. Shavers have crossed the boundaries from the face and ventured downwards below the belt.

Pubic hair shaving and maintenance is popular in today’s world. While it has become a common topic in men’s lifestyle platforms, one question remains; to shave or not to shave?

The answer to this question remains a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer keeping your gonads clean and neat, you’ll find that information about how to shave your balls is not in the public domain. You weren’t taught about it when you were growing up and you’d rather not approach your old man about it.

Shaving your balls is not guesswork. The skin down under is part of the most sensitive areas in your body, without sensible preparation, you could end up with snags and itching, and nobody wants that.

If you want to keep the boys neat and smooth, with no snagging or itchy after effects, we’ve done all the dirty work for you and come up with a comprehensive guide on how to shave your balls.  

Schedule Your Shaving Time

Schedule Your Saving Time

One of the worst mistakes you can make is shaving your balls in a rush. We understand that your date appeared at short notice, but it’s not worth nicking yourself over.

If you want to enjoy a seamless shave without snags and itches, you need to make some time just for you and your boys. Schedule nothing else for this moment and avoid any distractions (yes, it’s that important).

You want to enjoy an uninterrupted session with all your focus on your balls. Mark a day on your calendar for it.

For newbies, this is a process you don’t need to rush through. Take as long as you need to navigate your way around. Trust us; you’ll get to expert level sooner than later.

You want to have the basics at your fingertips while starting. Focus on grasping the essentials while you avoid hurting yourself.

Use the Right Tools

No farmer goes to his garden without the appropriate hoe and spade. Likewise, you want to have the appropriate tools of the trade for shaving your balls. 

You need to have the following to get the job done well:

  • Hair trimmer
  • A pair of scissors
  • Running water
  • A handheld mirror
  • Pre-shave oil or gel
  • Aftershave (preferably alcohol-free)

Never use the disposable razor you’ve been using on your face to shave your balls, as it can cause itchy skin, as well as nicks and cuts. Remember your scrotum is delicate—this calls for a special kind of safety razor. 

Using an electric pube shaver is your best option for coarse body hair as it shaves the hair down to skin level without the risk of snagging your skin.

Get a Quality Hair Trimmer

We’ve already mentioned hair trimmers above, but they’re worth more discussion.

Men all over the globe will agree that non-electrical razors are most likely to snag your skin, cause you to bleed, or cause itchy balls. Besides, if you use them for close shaves, you’ll get razor burn and stubble. 

In pursuit of a better option, you may think that hair clippers are the best choice for shaving your pubes. These aren’t great either, as they tend to have sharp razors and motors. You don’t want these anywhere near your family jewels.

So then, what’s the best choice? Hair trimmers. They strike a great balance between smooth shaving and giving you the desired result. Thankfully, you won’t leave a bloody scene after shaving.

Hair trimmers will cut the hair as low as possible without damaging the skin or causing snags. 

What if you don’t want to cut all your pubic hair?

These devices come with extensions of different sizes that enable you to style and trim in whichever way you want.

Trim Down With a Guard

In preparation for shaving, it’s helpful if you get some of that lengthy bush out of the way. One of the basic ways to do this involves trimming the pubic hair down with the lowest setting guard on your electric trimmer. It’s simple, fast and straightforward.

A trimmer is a smarter choice than scissors. The wrong equipment can give you a painful experience and possibly cause harm to your balls. 


Take your time and use a mirror so you can navigate the back and underneath. Give your boys a smooth and uniform finish like a pro!

Preparing Your Balls For The Shave

You don’t just grab your shaver and run it over your balls. Preparation is a vital step of shaving your pubes.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare your boys for a clean cut:




Take a warm bath

A warm bath will help your scrotum loosen up so you can pull the skin taut. Warm water also helps the pores to open up and softens the hair follicles below. 

Apply pre-shave oil

Use some pre-shave oil before applying the shaving cream to end up with a silky smooth sack. 

Apply shaving cream

Shaving cream or gel helps the shaver move over the skin smoothly without friction. Get one made with natural ingredients, as they’re the best for sensitive skin. Stay away from products that contain “cooling” components, such as menthol.


Be wary of the water’s temperature as extremely hot water will scald or irritate your skin. On the other hand, cold water will shrink your scrotum and cause the balls to retreat. Warm water is the ideal choice for shaving.

We also recommend you get shaving cream or gel that creates a clear lather as this helps you see where you’re running the shaver over. 

Getting Down to Action

BALLS Cleanser Product

Now your balls are ready for a sleek wet shave. 

The first and basic step involves pulling your skin taut. This ensures you have a smooth area to shave over.

When running the electric trimmer on your skin, you may start from top to bottom. Make sure you don’t skip some small sections like that area between the balls. Move slowly so you get all the hair off.

You can always come back to the top to ensure there are no areas left.

Squat and use a mirror to see better. You might be surprised how much hair could be hiding at the back. Be patient and go as far as you can.

Go With the Grain When Shaving Pubic Hair 

As with facial hair, you have the option of shaving with the grain or against it. When you shave your balls with the grain, you shave in the direction in which the hair grows. Shaving against the grain goes in the opposite direction.

Shaving against the grain will give you the smoothest outcome. However, you risk causing skin irritation if you don’t use a cream or a gel. 

Some men prefer to shave with the grain to prevent ingrown hairs, burns and snags. 

We recommend shaving with the grain for beginners. If your skin’s reaction is unpleasant, you can try shaving against the grain next time. 

Aftershave Care

The next step you need to take is a simple measure to avoid skin irritation and itching.

If this was a facial shave, you’d simply slap some aftershave on and step out for your date. With your balls, however, you need to pamper them a bit more.

Apply a gentle balm or oil to the scrotum. Like we mentioned before, a gel made from natural ingredients is the best for your balls. 

While you might take the aftershave process lightly, it’s as important as the shaving itself. Remember you have exposed a delicate area and you want to coddle it. 

You can apply the balm for a couple of days after the shave. Areas where hair is thicker, tend to get more irritated so it’s important to avoid that. 

The hair on your balls grows slower so you won’t worry much about the regrowth. Once it starts regrowing, exfoliate the skin to keep the pores clean and free from bacteria. Exfoliation also helps in preventing ingrown hairs.

Make Shaving a Habit

Now that you know how to shave your balls, the benefits go far beyond amplifying the looks below your belt. It also boosts your confidence as you feel as good as you look and it improves your health.

Healthy and clean balls will improve your life, get into the habit of checking them regularly. The ideal time is when you’re manscaping down there. Make it a part of your regular grooming routine, at least once or twice a month.

When you make manscaping a habit, you continuously learn the art of avoiding itchy balls after shaving. Practice makes perfect and you’ll be a pro in no time.