Does Ball Hair Turn Grey

Does Ball Hair Turn Grey - BALLS

Testicular hair is a natural part of human biology, so it's not necessarily weird or awkward to ask about the colour of your taint hair. While the colour and texture can vary widely from person to person, it's also completely normal. In fact, there are a number of changes that happen to your testicle hair as you age—so much so that some guys have reported their balls turning grey by their 40s or 50s! So what's happening down there? How can you tell if your ball hair has changed? And what would happen if it did start turning grey? We're here with answers...

Can ball hair actually turn grey?

The answer is yes, but it's not the same as your head hair. Your testicle hair should be dark and thick, but can turn grey with age. The reason this happens to some men and not others isn't totally clear yet. But it’s possible that the reason has something to do with how much testosterone you produce or how your body reacts to testosterone-blocking agents like finasteride (the active ingredient in Propecia).

If you notice that your testicles are turning grey, don't freak out! It's normal for them to go through changes over time—just like everything else on your body does—and grey balls aren't necessarily a sign of anything serious going on down there. If you're concerned about anything happening below the belt (or if you'd just prefer not having gray balls), talk to your doctor about any symptoms that might be bothering you so they can help point out what might be going on in there—and whether or not there are any solutions for whatever problem(s) may exist down there!

Can you dye the grey hair on your balls?

You can dye your hair on your balls.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of dying our hair, but not all of us are familiar with the concept of dying our testicle hair. But if you're wondering whether it's possible to dye a grey ball, don't worry: as long as there's still some color in that follicle, you're good to go!

What's normal when it comes to your testicle hair anyway?

Some guys have a lot of hair on their balls, while others are smooth as a baby's bottom. This is normal!

When your testicle hair grows, it can turn out to be any color in the rainbow. You might have dark brown or blond pubic hair with black roots, or you might notice some red and yellow tones mixed in there too (which is totally fine). When it comes to curliness and thickness, your testicles can be curly or straight; thick or thin; long or short; dense (full of lots of hairs) or sparse (small patches). If you find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror wondering whether your testicles start from zero density on one side and slowly get denser toward their non-existent end point at infinity—don't worry about it! Everyone's balls are different sizes and shapes for different reasons—and that's all part of what makes them so special.

While it can be a weird and awkward question, don't worry too much about the colour of your ball hair.

While it can be a weird and awkward question, don't worry too much about the colour of your ball hair. It's normal for hair to gradually thicken on your sack throughout puberty and in your early twenties, but after that it can sometimes begin to thin out. You might also see grey or white strands pop up here and there—it's all normal! There's no need to panic if this happens; just go with the flow and wait until they're ready to dye (or trim with a BALLS trimmer) their pubes before they start paying attention.

If you do decide to dye them—don't! No one needs chemicals and dye paste in their private area. Just trim the hair down there instead! Not only will trimmed ball hair make your main member look bigger, it will keep bacteria and sweat to a minimum and your partner will find you more attractive. Grey hair? Don't care. With the BALLS trimmer, you'll hardly know what hair color is down there because it will be safely buzzed off in seconds. 

We hope that we’ve answered some of your questions about what can happen to a man’s testicular hair as he ages. While it’s not a big deal, it can be an embarrassing one. But don't let that stop you from enjoying life and having fun with your friends!