Can Women Use the Archibald Full Body Trimmer Trimmer?

Can Women Use the Archibald Full Body Trimmer Trimmer? - BALLS

Men and their egos. Am I right? So much time and attention is spent fiddling with, focusing on, obsessing over, grooming, and even comparing their family jewels. You’ve got “crotch jocks”, men who wholeheartedly believe that the size of their package is the size of their manhood. Then you have the Neanderthal types who don’t shave at all and think that that is somehow showing off their alpha aura. 

Because much of the world has revolved around men and their phallic-obsessed egos, many products (not to mention civilizations and cultures) have been built to soothe, improve, and emphasize their most prized possession. 

This isn’t fair to women. Not by a long shot. Let’s not even get started on POCKETS, pink tax, and the gender pay gap. 

But what if women could use this horrific patriarchal favoring to their advantage in some areas of their lives? We’ve come a long way with women’s rights and equality but we still have so far to go.

Let’s life hack at least one area where men get the upper hand. TRIMMERS. 

Men have trimmers for their face, A trimmer for their beard. A trimmer for their nose hair. A trimmer for their heads. So. Many. Trimmers. What do women have? A pink handled single razor blade. (We know, women’s shaving has come a long way. But it often feels like we are still stuck with the single basic blade from the 80’s). 

Enter: Archibald Full Body Trimmer. If this bad boy is designed to handle the delicate (BUT OH, SO IMPORTANT) private bits of a man, imagine what an efficient job it can do for  women who don't have so many bits and bobs in the way. 

There are so few (if any) electric trimmers for women on the market. We put this puppy to the test and the results are in…women can, and SHOULD, use the Archibald Full Body Trimmer

Consider this: If a trimmer is designed to safely and effectively glide over all the bits a man has in his trousers, think how easily and effectively it will glide over your pom pom. Women have been known to hop in the shower and start shaving, shaving more, and then getting to their private bits and going over their groin area again and again and again. Thus, dulling their already expensive razor far sooner than they should. 

Solution: Use the Archibald Full Body Trimmer BEFORE getting in the shower. It will remove up to 80% of the hair and you will be left with an easy peasy lemon squeezy job of going over the bikini line with your razor instead of hacking at the entire bush for several minutes. 

Using the Archibald Full Body Trimmer, UK’s number one trimmer, with its high quality ceramic blades and powerful motor, not only saves women time, it saves them money. Your razors will last longer, you won’t be wasting as much hot water and shaving cream, and your bikini line will be ready for whatever adventures come its way. 

Want to take it a step further? Consider using an electric trimmer on your legs as well as your armpits. Yes, men are more hairy, but that doesn’t mean a quality trimmer made for them and their coarse hair won’t be as effective on a woman’s body. 

A study out of Utah showed that over 90% of women were shocked at how well the Archibald Full Body Trimmer works on their private bits as well as other body hair. They were actually dismayed that they hadn’t thought of using a trimmer before and many equate it to a “life hack” that avoids the pink tax. 

Try it for yourself! If you fall into the 10% that didn’t find it life-changing you can always return it for a full refund. (That’s another great thing about BALLS–not only do they make an incredible product, they have excellent customer service). 

So steal your man’s trimmer or order one for yourself. BALLS has a subscription program that sends you fresh, sharp, replacement blades every few months. You have the ability to choose how often you want to receive them. So if you do end up sharing with your significant other, you will always be on your trimming game. 

The answer is clear: YES! Women can use an electric trimmer and it’s time the world woke up to this simple and obvious choice.