Show Us Your Balls: What Would You Do If It Meant England Could Win The World Cup?

Show Us Your Balls:  What Would You Do If It Meant England Could Win The World Cup? - BALLS

England football fans.

They’re some of the most passionate fans in the world. From invading the pitch when the match hadn’t even finished in the 1966 World Cup final, to getting questionable tattoos of players on even more questionable parts of their bodies, England fans love The Beautiful Game.

England football fans are also notoriously some of the loopiest. From shaving and dyeing their chest hair and painting roundabouts, to betting on Paul the Octopus correctly predicting the outcome of games, England fans will take any opportunity they can to celebrate what many of them class as their religion.

(Disclaimer: Paul the Octopus actually lived in Germany but he was born in England, so that means that we claim him as our own, right? Kind of like what we do with Andy Murray at Wimbledon until he loses, and then he’s back to being a Scot again.)

Over the years we’ve seen English people do some crazy things in the name of football. From hitchhiking across continents to get to international games, Gary Lineker stripping down to his smalls on MOTD when Leicester City won the Premier League, and even streaking mid-game for publicity stunts, the English are a dedicated lot when it comes to getting their football fix.

But what about you? How far would you go if it meant that England could bring the World Cup trophy back home with them from Qatar?

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We’re going to go out on a limb here (magic sponge, please) and say that you’d do anything, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought you’d say - but we want you to prove that you’re not all mouth and no trousers, which is why we’ve put together a survey of some pretty extreme scenarios.

Every entry into the survey gets put into a draw to win a Balls V2 trimmer worth £89, and it takes less time to complete than it takes for Steven Gerrard to say ‘yeeeeaaaahhhhh, course’ in a post-match interview.

So take our loyalty test and show us how big your Balls are.

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