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How to shave bum hair safely

Bum hair. It’s a pain in the arse – yep, literally. Anal fluff might be a bit awkward to talk about with the lads but let’s face it: we’ve all got it and when it comes to grooming, it’s an absolute minefield knowing how to do it safely...or even if you should bother in the first place. So let’s start with the basics:

Why should I shave my crack?

There’s no right or wrong here. Some blokes are down with a hairy crack and that’s cool. But arse itch during a heatwave because the hair down there is getting so matted, you’re at risk of anal dreadlocks? Well that’s just one reason you might be thinking about shaving your bum. More hair means more sweat, so for plenty of people, a smooth and hair-free anus is a no-brainer. And don’t even get us started on dingleberries... (yeah we did just go there)

From an aesthetic point of view, looking neat and tidy down can only be a good thing for your sex life. You shave your balls and trim your pubes, so why shouldn't your bum fluff be manscaped too

Whatever your reason for wanting to shave your crack, it’s important to make sure you go in with the right prep and the right tools, as the area is incredibly sensitive. Do NOT be hasty here, bum cuts are no joke. Keep reading to find out how to shave bum hair safely.

"Looking neat and tidy down can only be a good thing for your sex life." 


How To Shave Your Bum


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1. Have a shower

Before you rush to the razor, make sure your junk is clean. We all know what goes on in this area, so we don’t need to remind you about the importance of making sure that bacteria don’t spread. We recommend hopping into the shower and using mild soap and water. This will also help to soften the hairs and open the pores, making it easier to shave. While we’re on the topic of cleanliness, the same goes for your choice of shaving equipment too: use a clean electric razor.

2. Find the right angle

This will be different for everyone. The most important thing is to find a position that is comfortable and allows you to reach your arse properly. Take some time to make sure you’re stable – you do NOT want to slip and rip yourself a new arsehole, ok? Pop a squat or try propping one leg up on the side of a bath or heavy chair. You might even want to position yourself over a mirror to make things easier. It won’t be pretty, but now’s not the time for vanity.

"Find a position that is comfortable and allows you to reach your arse properly" 

3. Hold the skin taut

Right, time to get stuck in. Once you’ve cleaned up with soap, use one hand to pull your cheeks apart and hold the skin taut. The less crevices, the better, so don’t be shy. Spread those cheeks #livingyourbestlife.

4. Shave using careful strokes

You’ve come this far, so now is not the time to rush. Shave the area very slowly and carefully using small, light strokes. The Balls™ Trimmer is designed to handle sensitive areas causing zero irritation, which is a better option than a safety razor to navigate the crevices of your bum. Be sure to rinse the blade every few strokes to avoid a build-up of hair. This will make it easier to go over things a couple of times to ensure you’ve not missed any patches.

"Be sure to rinse the blade every few strokes to avoid a build-up of hair" 

5. Rinse, dry and soothe

Once you’re satisfied you’ve covered everything, rinse the area thoroughly and pat dry. After we recommend using a gentle soothing balm such as 100% pure Aloe Vera. For an additional cooling effect, put it in the fridge beforehand. Trust us, your crack will love it.

New hair growth will inevitably begin over the next few days, so try using some talcum powder after showering to keep things dry and friction-free between your cheeks. It’s a satisfying feeling that every man should experience.

Common mistakes

BALLS Trimmer
  • Don’t be bullish. It’s not about just ‘getting it done’. This ain’t Brexit, yeah?
  • Don’t shave if you haven’t got the time to do a proper job. Call of Duty can wait. And really, *this* is your call of duty. Rushing will create mistakes, and mate – there is literally NO margin of error when it comes to shaving your anus.
  • If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed about getting up close and personal with your crack, just get to know it. Find out what its favourite show is on Netflix or something. And remember: EVERYONE, MAN AND WOMAN, HAS BUM HAIR BETWEEN THEIR CHEEKS.

If you’ve decided to give bum shaving a go, hopefully by now you’re feeling much more confident and equipped. It might not be the most glamorous of jobs but it’s a small price to pay for a smooth and tidy crack.

To summarise: do your prep, use clean equipment, take things slow and you’ll be on to a winning technique. Good luck!